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Most powerful knowledge management solutions

Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.


Boost operations with Microsoft Bookings and the Power Automate connector

Microsoft Bookings for booking appointments improves the operation of any organization by automating processes with the help of the Power Automate connector.


Keskisuomalainen invests in Microsoft 365 solutions with agile development

Keskisuomalainen Oyj improves employees’ location-independent working with agile development using Microsoft 365 solutions.


Automation speeds up HR processes

Applications implemented with Microsoft Power Platform tools accelerate multiple processes in organizations, especially in HR and sales.


Speed up the quoting and contracting process with automation

Automating the quoting and contracting process with the Microsoft Power Platform helps reduce manual work and risks, and saves time.


Boost contract management with Microsoft 365

Microsoft SharePoint provides versatile tools for processing, storing, and tracking contract information regardless of time, location, or device.


Microsoft Project for the Web: Project List and Project Form

Microsoft Project for the Web and its project list and project form functionalities bring clarity to information management in project operations.


Microsoft Power BI tool simplifies the work of a controller

Microsoft Power BI’s Business Intelligence solutions make the controller’s everyday life easier and free up time for decision-making and management support.


Microsoft Power Platform enables agile application development for HR

Solutions built with Power Platform’s tools streamline and simplify human resource management processes.


Power Platform at the heart of digitalization and remote work

Microsoft Power Platform provides good prerequisites for supporting the digitalization of an organization with relatively light work done cost-effectively.


A digital leap of sales supported by Microsoft Power Apps

Applications developed with Microsoft Power Apps, a part of wide variety of Office 365 software and cloud services, combine data from a variety of source systems. They can also be used to digitize manual processes as well as workflows handling large amounts of data. This saves time as work becomes more efficient and the quality of work improves, while human errors are reduced.


Agile and cost-effective application development with Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform provides tools to help develop task- and role-specific business applications quickly and easily to meet an organization’s needs. Custom enterprise applications combine data from multiple source systems and automate repetitive and inconvenient manual processes as well as workflows handling large amounts of data.


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