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Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.

Project portfolio

Project portfolio for more comprehensive project management at different stages of projects

Managing the project portfolio and project entities can pose challenges in organizations, even though the planning and management of individual projects goes well. Maintaining information about project entities can be difficult, and it takes a lot of time from project management.

With our project management solutions, you can easily and quickly manage all the projects in your organization.

Clarify your organization’s project management:

  • All key project information is conveniently and easily found in one place
  • The project portfolio creates transparency and consistency with project practices
  • The tool for managing individual projects and the project portfolio supports the development of the organization’s project culture
  • Role-based views and comprehensive filters make it easier to understand which projects are ongoing and completed
  • Defining and following common practices will help you to use the tool successfully in everyday life as part of other work

“When everything works through Teams, at least for me as a project manager, it’s enough that when you open Teams, you can do everything through it, such as report situations and record hourly work and also then see from the reports how things are going.”

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Project portfolio supports organization’s project culture

Project solutions can be customized according to the needs of the organization with the help of different types of tools:

  • Project management
    • SharePoint and Teams provide a solution for many needs that maintains basic project information and some status information. The project Teams group includes discussions, documents, and Planner tasks as needed.
    • Planner with premium features brings more tools to plan project implementation and track progress more closely. The tool’s AI assistant Copilot helps define tasks and offers suggestions to streamline the project, ensuring quick adaptability skills to changing situations.
  • Project portfolio and reporting
    • Solu 365 Portfolio provides a list of projects and project status information
    • Project Center offers a comprehensive view of the projects, which can be found on Project for the Web and later on Planner with premium features
    • Microsoft Power BI complements project reporting by combining information from multiple systems as needed
  • Hourly entries on timesheet
    • Solu Timesheet is an hourly entry application developed by Solu Digital that complements the functionalities of Planner with premium features and provides review and approval for hourly entries as well.

In the project portfolio, each project is displayed according to its stage. In our project portfolio implementations, the requirements for project-specific monitoring are adapted to the organization’s own project process.

We adapt the project portfolio to your needs and implement the project portfolio as a collaboration that supports and facilitates the daily life of your organization.

“This new tool is much more user-friendly from the point of view of both the project manager and the time recorder, so you don’t have to fight with it and spend a lot of time on it, you can just focus on recording hours and the actual work.”


Download the project management guide

Download our guide to smooth project management and make your organization's project work easier. Leave your contact information and we will send the guide to your email.

Deployment of a project portfolio solution for effortless project management

Deploying the use of the project portfolio for all users is easy with Solu Digital, as our experts support you at every stage of the process:

  • Defining a project portfolio solution according to the needs of the organization, the project culture and the management models in use (e.g. ABC model, V.S.O.P. or PRINCE2)
  • Defining policies that support the needs of the tool into a project manual
  • Training or workshops for smooth use of the project tool

Solu Digital’s top experts have the best experience and expertise in processes and project activities.

“The files and information were in a separate environment, which was a bit more difficult to access since you always had to go there with a browser and log in, so we wanted an easier solution for that. It has been this Teams solution which we use to manage all our data and files.”

NRC Group

Automate project management with the Solu 365® tool

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