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Procurement portfolio

The procurement portfolio ensures the smooth execution of procurements in compliance with the law and the budget

In public sector organizations, the progress of procurement may fail due to a formal mistake, an unclear mandate, or a misjudgment of the size of the procurement.

Procurements typically proceed according to different procedures, such as a framework agreement or an open or restricted procedure, each of which has its own legal rules. These procedures determine how different types of procurements proceed with different stages.

The browser-based procurement portfolio we developed helps ensure that procurements proceed within the rules required by their procedure. The tool concentrates all information and document management in one place, from procurement planning and preparation until the end of the contract period.

Centralize the entire procurement lifecycle in one place with a browser-based Microsoft solution:

  • Enhance procurement operations with up-to-date information and documents that are available to the entire organization and can be used centrally and transparently
  • Improve the findability and availability of procurement-related information and documents
  • Ensure legality of procurements and adherence to budget and schedule
  • Increase the transparency, manageability, and information security of the procurement process

“Now we have one tool, one place where all this information about procurement is available from beginning to end, from procurement planning to the end of the contract period.”

Business Finland

Procurement portfolio solution for centralized information management

The solution implemented with Microsoft technologies offers easy-to-use tools for processing, storing, and monitoring procurement-related information regardless of time, place, and device:

  • A form for recording a new procurement need
  • Summary view of all procurements with different filtering attributes
  • Microsoft Teams workspaces and document management in one place to make teamwork more efficient
  • Answering the gate questions in connection with each step as a prerequisite for moving to the next step
  • Sections for active tenders and different types of procurements, such as procurements that have moved into the contract period and that have ended
  • Scheduling and resourcing sections
  • A diary section for recording observations about, for example, schedules, the status of progress, or risks
  • Integrations with other systems used in procurement, such as the purchase invoice system for tracking expenses
  • Reporting for the review and analysis of individual and all purchases.

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Smooth implementation of the procurement portfolio

We implement the procurement portfolio solution to meet the needs of your organization according to different stages:

  • Defining the procurement portfolio solution in the organization
  • Technical implementation
  • Migration of documents and data from network drives and other systems
  • Implementation of the solution to use
  • Training or workshops for smooth use of the solution

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