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Solu 365® for Teams group automation

Microsoft Teams is a center of knowledge work. Teams is familiar to many with its chat and video conferencing capabilities, but most of all, Teams is a teamwork environment for relevant documents, tasks, and memos. Teams can be set up as an integral part of an organization’s activities and for temporary needs, for example to support projects. It is possible to form templates for Teams groups from different usage needs, and Solu 365 is a tool for automatic provisioning of these use cases.

Teams offers easy-to-use tools for organizing online meetings as well as modern group work, such as managing entities with Teams groups, which in turn can be used to address different aspects of the entity through channels. In addition to conversation and other communication and file handling, the channels make it possible to compile work-relevant information on your own tabs using various data sources.

Remote working creates its own challenges for doing work smoothly virtually regardless of time, place, or a device. Digital processes and the smooth processing of information are prerequisites for doing modern work. With them, tools that benefit one’s own and the organization’s everyday life play an important role.

In addition to conferencing, video calling, and instant messaging capabilities, the use of Teams helps centralize the storage, processing, and sharing of information in a single application. A Teams group connects and makes available to team members a number of other Office 365 components, such as the SharePoint workgroup site and the Planner for team’s task management.

In addition to these, Microsoft Teams offers versatile and comprehensive opportunities to centralize other work as well.

“Solu Digital’s references and understanding of our needs impressed us, and so broader Office 365 solutions were added to the picture. The decision to co-operate with Solu Digital came about quickly.”


“The best thing about working with Solu Digital has been the flexibility and their ability to get inside our operations – to adapt this ready-made system to our needs.”

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Teams streamline work on information, documents, tasks, and people

Microsoft Teams provides a digital work environment that supports modern virtual and teamwork:

  • Meeting management: Save time with systematic meeting management
    • Smooth planning, organization, and case management of meetings before, during and after the meeting with comprehensive functionalities such as notes, whiteboard, and polls.
  • Document processing: Reduce data fragmentation with centralized data management
    • Work on documents with Office programs directly in Teams, online browsers, or desktop applications, allowing multiple people to collaborate simultaneously and discuss a document directly in the document. Easily store and share documents inside and outside your organization.
  • Workgroup work: Enhance work by leveraging SharePoint functionalities
    • Teams can take advantage of SharePoint’s document management features. Clarify department- and project-specific work with the help of Teams groups, i.e., workgroup-specific workspaces. The use of work-enhancing features such as reminders, alerts, and approval chains are useful to be leveraged throughout the organization.
  • Task and project management: Increases transparency and trust in team and project work
    • The use of Planner task queues and containers makes it easier to manage tasks for teams and projects. Facilitate work and report on it with shared views and reports, for example in regular meetings to monitor work progress.
  • Data processing in other information systems: Bring all relevant information to Teams work
    • Various applications and data sources such as online and on-premises systems can be integrated with hundreds of different connectors into Teams’ extensive application portfolio.
  • Centralization of electronic processes: Streamline work efficiency and increase productivity
    • Power Platform services help develop automated workflows and form-based mobile applications to leverage related data.
  • Custom applications: Make the daily lives of employees easier
    • Applications tailored to meet the needs of the organization range from simple applications to diverse centrals of information and resources.

Teams offers many opportunities, but also something to consider in terms of organizational practices and the use of the information model.

Make it easy to manage Teams groups with easy-to-use Solu 365® tool

Developed by Solu Digital together with its customers, the Solu 365® management tool helps to create and manage Teams groups according to the use cases defined by the organization. The tool provides a group creation form and a portfolio view for all Teams groups in the organization.

With Solu 365® tool you can:

  • Easily create groups with right settings for different purposes, such as internal groups, project groups and partnership groups. The automation-driven team management process ensures that the organization operates in accordance with consistent practices.
  • Customize sub-services such as Teams, SharePoint site, Planner, and Office document templates as needed in teamwork. Different usage needs determine what Teams channels, document templates, task management solutions, and other resources each workgroup type needs.
  • Manage the groups you own in the real-time portfolio view of Solu 365. For example, you can archive them to expire automatically by the due date.
  • Make it easier to find information and documents. Automation creates predefined data in the metadata for the new Teams group in the background. The use of Solu 365® supports and adheres to your organization’s consistent naming and storage policies.

Solu 365® strengthens the company’s own data model. It allows you to create groups according to the usage situations typical of your organization, as well as your own data model. With the Solu 365® solution, you can easily manage groups throughout your organization in a transparent and secure manner.

“What is particularly positive about the Solu 365® product is how it offers a transparent way of sharing information and communicating. Every member of the organization knows about the internal affairs of the company, in real-time and regardless of location. In our internal communications, we have moved almost entirely from email to Teams channels.”


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Take control of your organization’s Teams groups with Solu 365® workgroup automation.

Coordinated and systematic work in Microsoft Teams:

  • streamlines everyday work
  • intensifies cooperation between the various stakeholders in the organization
  • builds trust
  • brings manageability and transparency to information management
  • reduces security and information management risks

Solu 365®, designed by Solu Digital in co-operation with its clients, strengthens your organization’s data model. With it, you can create groups to match operational situations typical to your own organization, as well as your own data model. With Solu 365®, you can guarantee easy team management for your entire organization, transparently and securely.

Solu 365® offers a form for creating groups, a porftolio view of the groups, and a report view of the created groups for the root user. You can create groups for different purposes, for example, internal groups, project groups, and partnership groups. Workloads such as Teams, the SharePoint page, and Planner will be modified based on user needs, to become part of teamwork.

“When Office 365 came, we got the feeling that we needed a partner with experience in setting up such environments already, and from Solu Digital we found one.”

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“Solu is such an agile player – they have understood more and more of our business and needs and have been able to adjust it to their own doing and offering.”

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