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A communications intranet is part of the managerial structure of an organization. It offers everyday current affairs, news, instructions, and important links.

For an organization, an intranet built on Microsoft SharePoint offers an internal communications environment and combines seamlessly with other systems. Using it, you create togetherness, present development ideas.

A good day at work starts with the intranet. When successful, communications intranet supports a company’s internal culture and employee satisfaction, and success at work.

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Make everyday life easier for employees with a new collaboration and communication solution available to use anywhere, anytime and on any device.

  • Build trust and engagement by improving your organization-wide communication and collaboration experience with Microsoft 365 services, such as the SharePoint communications intranet:
    • Achieve strategic goals with the right tools for the right use cases to improve the operational efficiency of tasks and processes.
    • Increase awareness, mutual understanding, and trust by enabling an open and transparent environment for organizational and peer-to-peer communication and collaboration.
    • Reach all members of your organization by sharing information, news, events, and reports reliably, transparently, and quickly.
    • Focus on open information and news distribution by the department on the news feed of the main intranet page and enable comprehensive internal communication to different stakeholders.

Communications and community intranet as a collection of Microsoft SharePoint communication sites.

SharePoint portal with a corporate look

The modern Ydin is a solution platform to be deployed with SharePoint for portal implementations that take advantage of modern SharePoint communication sites:

  • Find related content, such as news and other site activity
    • News and highlights
    • Event calendar
    • Social media / RSS feeds
    • Discussions and blogs
    • Use common navigation, branding, and site structure for sites related to your intranet
      • Responsive page layouts
      • Navigation
      • Shortcuts and Quick Links
      • Site and/or page templates
    • Search for information and documents on all sites
      • Document management
      • An index for browsing based on metadata
      • People search
    • Boost your work on your intranet
      • Effective custom functions for your organization to support business processes
      • Scheduled notifications, workflows, electronic forms
      • Alerts and reminders

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Microsoft Viva Connections brings the intranet directly to Teams

Microsoft Viva brings a smart intranet to Teams easily. Renew your employee experience with Microsoft Viva solutions that connect work-relevant information, documents, conversations, videos, and people quickly and effortlessly.

Microsoft Viva Topics automatically provides documents, discussions, videos, and people related to the topic you are searching for. Data discoverability is improved and work is more efficient as employees can find and use information more easily, quickly, and effortlessly with artificial intelligence and data from Microsoft 365, Teams, and third-party service providers.

Employees stay up-to-date on the company’s current news, discussions, content and tools with Microsoft Viva Connections and the personalized digital work environment provided by SharePoint. With Microsoft Viva Connections, organizations can build an inclusive corporate communication and culture where the opinions of all employees matter.

A virtual sense of trust and community is strengthened when all employees can easily participate and influence with their opinions.

Microsoft Viva Topics now available as an add-on to Microsoft 365 enterprise packages. Microsoft Viva Connections is now available as a desktop version and mobile app later this year.

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Microsoft VIva Connections brings Solu Digital’s Modern Ydin intranet solution directly to Teams.

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Benefits of a smart community Intranet for your organization:

Smooth communication and sharing of information within the company, regardless of time or location

  • Members of the organization can share information in real time and with ease, also in mobile work.

Social platforms; blogs, conversations, and questions always to hand

  • You can combine the organization’s social media channels and blogs with the Intranet. Members of the organization can communicate with ease and create questionnaires via intranet, regardless of location and with different data terminal equipment.

Ease of organizing and retrieving information

  • Functional and handy data search will considerably ease employees’ daily work, when large amounts of information have been amassed.

Efficient document management supporting projects

  • Functional, efficient, and easy document management for the entire life span of documents will ease teamwork in particular, and improve information security in today’s digital work environments.

Easy-to-access contract archive

  • Easy and secure saving of important documents and contracts.

Solu Digital  – Intranet for your company with expert guidance

Solu Digital acts as your partner when you introduce your company’s intranet or want to improve it. As the intranet platform, we use Microsoft SharePoint, either from a cloud or a server. The intranet project is always matched with your schedules and needs, and will be created to suit your company exactly.

Solu Digital’s top specialists will support you in your daily work and give comprehensive training to both root users in intranet management and end-users in intranet use. Implementing Intranet into the whole organization is easy with Solu Digital, because our experts will be there for you during every step of the process, and you will not be alone.

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