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Trade Union Pro and Solu Digital – Solu 365®

Solu 365® streamlines teamwork by enhancing communication and document management 

Trade Union Pro is one of the largest trade unions in Finland, with 120,000 members. Pro is a major influencer in working life and the labour market, striving to improve the livelihoods, development and employment opportunities, and well-being at work and in leisure of its members and those training in the fields. The union negotiates about 75 collective agreements in the industrial, financial, service, ICT and communications sectors, as well as in the public sector. Trade Union Pro has 318 associations and employs about 150 people. 

Solu Digital’s solid experience and flexibility will help renew the union’s working culture 

Trade Union Pro wanted to replace the previous SharePoint 2010 system with a new, Office 365-based service, while developing teamwork in a whole new direction. From the outset, an essential part of the system reform was the adoption of a new way of working as a resource that unites all personnel. The old SharePoint environment had been developed in a long-term and process-oriented way, but due to the rigidity of the system, its role had established over the years mainly as a document repository. 

“When Office 365 came, we got the feeling that we needed a partner with experience in setting up such environments already, and from Solu Digital we found one.” 

Marko Kyllästinen 
IT Specialist, Trade Union Pro

Tools and procedures to support teamwork as a resource uniting all personnel 

The co-operation started as a research project, during which the definition of a new way of working also progressed and the key processes could be described. As a solution, Pro opted for a customized implementation and deployment of Office 365, where the right tools were defined and configured to suit users in anticipation. Storage locations and data structures, access control and sharing, and the data lifecycle were also designed to be managed more centrally. In this case, finding the right information is based on the organization’s own concepts and metadata. 

The implementation of a new intelligent intranet was also included in the scope of the implementation and deployment project. As a key part of the implementation of the Solu 365® solution, Teams groups were defined to support the new way of working, defined for different purposes, and automation for group creation with pre-defined settings was implemented for setting up ad hoc teams. 

“The best thing about working with Solu Digital has been the flexibility and their ability to get inside our operations – to adapt this ready-made system to our needs.” 

Marko Kyllästinen
IT Specialist, Trade Union Pro 

The trade union Pro introduced the solution in the spring of 2019, when the entire organization was trained both in the use of Teams’ communication and meeting features and in group work on documents. In addition, the necessary support materials were developed, and a channel was created for processing feedback and support requests. 

“Some kind of cultural change is central when this kind of Office 365-type environment is introduced, and in this case we have moved forward with a really good attitude.” 

Marko Kyllästinen 
IT Specialist, Trade Union Pro


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