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Teams training

Teams offers easy-to-use tools for modern group working, such as multichannel discussion between multiple users and online meetings.

Microsoft Teams is at the heart of providing a digital work environment that supports the requirements of modern teamwork. Tools such as co-authoring (i.e. working on documents at the same time), multichannel discussion, and web conferencing help the team work as a single unit. An up-to-date view of the projects and tasks the team is focused on enhances working and decision-making, both in the team and in the individual activities of each team member.

As data processing focuses on one team workspace, each team can intensify their collaboration by gaining common experiences and following practices that belong exclusively to that team. By developing shared values and committing to common agreements, the team remains focused, efficient and content, creating a successful corporate culture within the organization.

In this training, we will explore Teams as part of Office 365 and review its features. We also practice using Teams. Through our hands-on training, each member of the organization learns how to use Office 365 tools effectively in their own work. 

Teams training

  • Networks and interaction, a revolution in modern workplace communication
  • Knowledge management and challenges of a learning organization in knowledge work
  • Teams as part of Office 365 services 
  • Teams features 
    • Teams and channels 
    •  Tabs and applications  
    • Conversations  
    • Meetings  
    • Files  
    • Settings  
    • Using Teams  
  • Setting up a Team  
  • Assign Teams to an Office 365 group  
  • Wiki  
  • Planner  
  • Stream  
  • Word, PowerPoint and Excel  
  • Power BI  
  • Permissions  
  • Sharing Teams with users outside your organization  
  • Teams roadmap and upcoming features 

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