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Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.

Power Platform training

Power Platform training helps users learn the basics of Microsoft Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI tools and their potential for digitizing business processes.

Microsoft Power Platform provides tools that help you quickly and easily deploy and expand custom applications to meet the needs of your organization. Agile and cost-effective development of business applications that handle large amounts of data in real-time enhances the efficiency of your organization.

Decision-making becomes faster when information is easily accessible through the browser and mobile applications. Using Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI as cloud services, employees learn to develop customized applications such as forms and surveys for automatic data collection, processing, storage, and reporting.

Microsoft Power Apps for designing and implementing mobile and browser-based applications

Tailored Power Platform training for business application development

Räätälöidyn Power Platform -koulutuksemme avulla organisaationne Office 365 -käyttäjät oppivat tuntemaan Power Platform -ohjelmien tarjoamat mahdollisuudet sekä Power Apps, Power Automate ja Power BI -ohjelmien tärkeimpiä ominaisuuksia ja toiminnallisuuksia sekä niiden hallinnointia.

With our customized Power Platform training, Office 365 users in your organization will learn about the possibilities of Power Platform, the key features and functionalities of Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, and how to manage them.

Our Microsoft-certified trainers hold face-to-face and remote training sessions. When organizing our training, we take into account COVID-19 recommendations and regulations in force at the time.

The structure and content of the training sessions will be planned and implemented as you wish, such as:

  • 2-3 hours or half day training sessions where participants get an overview of the possibilities of Power Platform tools and get to do hands-on exercises.
  • Workshop-type trainings, in which a Power Apps application is designed for the organization on a case-by-case basis for business needs
  • Design and implement clear training materials such as videos, written instructions, and instructional articles to support long-term user work

Our hands-on training helps users build simple browser- and mobile-enabled applications and workflows for their organization without programming skills.

”Solu Digital’s experts’ understanding of their clients is top-notch! We never have to spell out what we want in words of one syllable, as they immediately have an understanding of our world, what we need, and what will support our business.”


Microsoft Power BI for reporting, analyzing and visualizing Business Intelligence data

Power Platform training topics

Our training can include, for example, the following topics and can be combined according to your needs:

Power Platform training: An Introduction to the basics of application development

  • The benefits of automation in business development
  • What is the Microsoft Power Platform?
    • Introduction to the Power Platform and related tools
    • Microsoft Forms in brief
    • The role of SharePoint in business applications
    • Common Data Service in brief
    • On-premises Data Gateway in brief
    • Connectors
  • Licensing costs
  • Power Platform in Microsoft Teams

Power Apps training: The basics of application development

  • Introduction to Using Power Apps
  • General features and functionality of Power Apps Studio
    • Use of controls, formulas, collections, variables, and forms
    • Connecting data sources to the application
    • Pre-built Power Apps templates and customizing them
  • Application lifecycle management
    • Application Sharing and Permissions

Power Automate training: The Basics of workflow automation

  • Introduction to Power Automat (formerly Microsoft Flow)
  • General features and functionality of the Power Automate portal
    • Starters, connectors and control-related functions
    • Connecting data sources to workflows
    • Mobile application
    • Power Automate’s ready-made models and their utilization in data collection and processing
  • Power Automat alarms on time or when data changes
    • Alerts for Teams and Outlook

Power BI Training: The basics of BI reporting

  • Introduction to PowerBI Desktop / Online
    • General terms and concepts
    • Download data and set up connections
    • Creating and visualizing metrics
    • Basics of the DAX language
    • Updating, publishing, analyzing and editing the report, as well as timings
    • Power BI reports to Teams
    • Read more about our BI training services

Microsoft Power Automate for workflow design and implementation

”It has been easy, pleasant and simple to do business with Solu Digital’s people. Their professionals involved in our projects have extensive experience and expertise, the customer only needs to explain their needs and Solu Digital produces the implementation. Each meeting is structured for Solu Digital and all agreed tasks have always been completed. We have not received a no as an answer to any of our wishes, which I greatly appreciate as a buyer of the service. In addition, all people at Solu Digital are pleasant and polite to all things and people. All agreed things and schedules have been kept. I am very pleased with Solu Digital’s service.”

Scania Finland

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Interested in our Power Platform training?

Contact Jere and we will tailor a training package to suit your needs!

Jere Palanne
Chief Technology Officer, Partner

040 580 2763

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