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Customer management

Customer relationship management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the best customer experience

In today’s digital work environment, the best possible customer experience is a crucial goal for organizations. We provide your organization with a solution for flexible, easy, yet simultaneously high-quality customer management.

Dynamics CRM combines a customer relationship management CRM system and an ERP system into one application to streamline sales, marketing, and customer service operations.

Available as a cloud service, D365 scales and adapts to the changing business environment and its challenges and needs.

Microsoft Azure solutions provide Dynamics 365 customer relationship management system infrastructure for comprehensive operations to enhance your organization’s customer experience:

  • Manage customer information centrally, regardless of time, location, or device
  • Strengthen the customer relationship by increasing the transparency of the organization towards customers and customer groups
    • Help your customers get to know your organization better and strengthen the customer experience you provide
  • Streamline your organization’s operations with transparent data
    • Leverage the insights provided by the tool on your organization’s own processes and their functionality, as well as data-based insights, guiding you through operational development
  • Track leads and sales pipeline opportunities
    • Track the progress of each lead according to the steps in the sales process
    • Keep teams organized with immediate insights and information from those who have worked on the sales opportunity
  • Track sales progress with real-time sales pipeline performance data
  • Leverage relevant information and streamline your business
    • Focus on the essentials by identifying key priorities and leads progressing to the next step, or customers who need follow-up
    • Clarify team operations and streamline tasks with concrete tool instructions and guidance
    • Increase team efficiency and automate tasks and workflows, such as creating sales quotes, collecting customer feedback, and executing email campaigns
  • Understand customer behavior and improve interaction
    • Monitor the interaction of the customer relationship at different points of contact with the customer and identify optimization opportunities and success factors
  • Support customers and provide high quality customer service
    • Interact with customers regardless of channel by integrating different communication platforms, such as instant messaging, phone calls, email, or social services, with Dynamics 365
    • Build trust and customer loyalty by providing first-class customer service that makes customers come back

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Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 easily and flexibly

With small adjustments, we can create a more functional system to meet all the needs of your organization and customers:

  • Defining the use of a customer relationship management system in an organization
  • Practices for utilizing the solution as a playbook to support employees’ work
  • Training or workshops for effective use of Dynamics 365

We also offer integration and other services that connect customer relationship management into the organization’s information management.

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