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Migration services

Migration services for secure data transfer

With migration services, we ensure that the transfer of information – most typically documents – succeeds safely and effortlessly. With our help, the transition to cloud services takes place smoothly as part of the implementation of a new technical solution or service.

Under the guidance of our experienced experts, information and documents are transferred from an old information management environment such as SharePoint Server or on-premise environments to SharePoint Online or another similar cloud-based service. We also perform migrations from other environments to the Microsoft 365 service.

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The migration takes place in stages:

  • In the preparation phase, the content to be migrated is analyzed and classified and a migration plan is created
    • At this stage, the client organization should clean up the content of outdated documents
  • Data structures that are designed with the future in mind are often created before the migration
    • Old, historical information is added to this structure and brought into the new information architecture during the migration
  • The organization’s users are prepared for the future migration
  • Documents, workspaces, or all other contents are transferred to cloud services during the implementation of the migration
  • If the provisioning of new workspaces or other services is renewed at the same time as the migration, they will be implemented iteratively in accordance with the provisioning and migration plan and the related communication plan
  • After migration, users are directed to the new locations of workspaces, documents, and other content
  • Our experts support the main users after the migration to ensure smooth working
  • If necessary, passive workspaces can also be moved to the archive as part of the migration of active workspaces

We implement the entire migration together with your organization, from preparation and planning to the technical implementation and smooth deployment of the migration.

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Marko Koskela
Chief Commercial Officer, Partner
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