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Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva for a smooth and versatile employee experience

Microsoft Viva is a versatile employee experience platform to support the daily lives of employees and teams, helping them feel comfortable and successful at work. It brings together communication, information, learning, resources, and insights as part of the collaboration and productivity tools in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Support organizational culture, on-the-job learning, and employee well-being by combining technology, data, and insights with Microsoft Viva:

  • Create more sustainable and innovative jobs by building a successful culture where employees are committed, and leaders are inspired.
  • Consider the differences of employees in, for example, working methods, information retrieval and learning.
  • Support employees and teams to do their best by investing in creativity, inclusion and well-being.
  • Create a work environment that prioritizes employees and thus improves business results.

Microsoft Viva supports building a comprehensive employee experience

Microsoft Viva combines key elements of a customized employee experience on the same platform and leverages Microsoft 365 and Teams environments:

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Microsoft Viva extension applications

Microsoft Viva Goals aligns daily work with strategic goals

Microsoft Viva Goals helps improve results and promote company success by centralizing employee and team goal setting and management of goals and key results in Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Viva Sales boosts sales performance

Microsoft Viva Sales streamlines salespeople’s work with automatic data storage and processing for any customer relationship management system using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. The application eliminates the need for manual data entry and gives more time to focus on sales.

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Chief Commercial Officer, Partner

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