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Solu 365® automates project management


Managing project information can be difficult and laborious if it is fragmented into different tools. Microsoft 365 and Teams together with Solu 365 provide an automation solution for every project team member.

In project management, the discoverability, timeliness, accuracy, accessibility and transparency of information build a sustainable foundation for the work of the project team. In the management of project information, both integrated operating methods and the tools that support them have a significant impact on the successful implementation of projects.

A tool that combines project communication, reporting, and information and document management, such as Microsoft Teams with its many useful Microsoft 365 components, makes project work easier and faster. With the help of the Solu 365 tool, the information, tools and colleagues needed for both your own and the work of the project team and project management can be found in a few clicks.

Microsoft Project for the Web and Teams: Power Tools for Project Team Members

Microsoft Project for the Web (PfW) facilitates project management by visualizing key information into a clear, comprehensible whole. The application’s versatile functionalities, such as visual views, interdependencies between tasks, and roadmaps as a consolidated portfolio view, facilitate and accelerate the overall management of individual projects and the project portfolio.

Used through the Power Apps interface, Project for the Web gathers all the information you need in a list view. When you click on a project, the project form opens to display more detailed information, such as project summary and status information. Project reporting with Power BI complements PfW’s functionalities, streamlining information flow and smooth work.

Integrating Project for the Web with Teams offers a variety of opportunities to leverage the features of several tools in project work:

  • Editing information and documents with co-editing and commenting features in Office 365 with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Meeting memos with OneNotes
  • Information lifecycle management securely from data entry and document creation to version control and document sharing in SharePoint
  • Automate project routines and data storage with Power Automate workflows and Power Apps mobile and browser applications.

Integrating PfW into Teams makes information and document management much easier and saves time when all the tools used in project work are part of the Microsoft 365 cloud services and Office 365 Groups ecosystem. In this case, Teams acts as a hub for project work and information, enabling, for example:

  • Addition of Project for the web to the Teams group tab
  • Creation of templates for Teams channels, folder structures, tasks, and documents according to project phases
  • Creation of team-specific projects and roadmaps in Teams easily and quickly.

Solu 365 automation for easy project creation

There are many ways to take advantage of Microsoft 365 tools to manage different dimensions of project work. However, it takes a long time to define and set up all the information, documents, folders, and tasks that make it easier for the project team to work. The consistency of these between all projects throughout the organization is also not guaranteed without uniform practices.

With the Solu 365® automation tool we have developed, the project creation process can be significantly simplified, speeded up and made more efficient. When a project starts, the project manager can easily create a new project in Project for the Web and Teams group with just a few clicks, according to the information they have entered to create all the necessary project resources.

An easy-to-use and simple form with instructions guides the user through the stages of setting up a project and its workgroup. In the background, automation creates a predefined information in the metadata of the new Teams group and the resources created in it. Different usage needs determine which Teams channels, document templates, or project and task management solutions each type of project and workgroup needs.

Project management securely and effortlessly

In groups created with Solu 365, users can structure project information and control how it is shared with specific users in a secure manner according to the organization’s consistent practices. A clear and simple process for creating Project for the Web projects makes it easier to find information and documents, and increases manageability and transparency in Office 365:

  • Organizational and team-specific information security is enhanced when access for external users is limited to project teams where the information is in the right place for the right people.
  • Transparent and easy navigation to Teams and Microsoft 365 teams helps you manage the groups you own in real-time portfolio view.
  • Project groups created by the deadline are automatically archived along with their resources.

Collaboration and productivity are enhanced at all levels of project management while it is organized in terms of methods, tools and their users. Systematic information management ensured by a versatile and easy-to-use tool facilitates the utilization of always available information in project management and project-specific communication.

Automate your organization’s project management with Solu 365® – download our free Teams guide and streamline your project work today!

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