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Document templates automatically

Centralized management of document templates using the document template management application unifies document management practices and facilitates the distribution of templates to Teams groups or SharePoint sites

Document management based on document templates and the use of metadata makes working with documents such as contracts, offers, and project documents more efficient. The centralized management and distribution of document templates to Teams groups or SharePoint workgroup sites can be a challenge on the Microsoft 365 platform.

These challenges can be solved and the distribution of document templates to teams and sites is successful with the help of the application for centralized management of document templates.

Document templates, which can be, for example, a ready-made document template as a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file, can contain elements in line with the corporate look, such as uniform header and footer areas, tags, and other graphic elements, as well as typography. In addition, they can contain metadata stored in SharePoint columns.

Metadata can also be used in the content of the document itself with the help of document model control objects. Metadata can be, for example:

  • Document types, such as a contract, offer, project plan, or a meeting memo
  • Project name and/or number
  • Process or process step
  • The name of a person, such as a project manager
  • The customer’s name or identification information
  • Cost center, business unit, and so on.

With the application for centralized management of document templates, you can update the properties of document templates centrally, and you can use the changes in your work community immediately.

The use of metadata should be as extensive as possible, but automatic so that supplementing the metadata does not remain a laborious task for the author of the document, and the correctness of metadata is not entirely their responsibility.

The application for centralized management of document templates ensures that the new document contains the necessary metadata values preset for the document template every time and facilitates the preparation of documents.

When it comes to utilizing document metadata, only the sky is the limit. With the help of automatically defined metadata, the information contained in your organization’s documents is structured, found, and kept up-to-date.

Improve your organization’s productivity cost-effectively:

  • Use the right information at the right time.
    • Metadata helps to find the information you are looking for easily and quickly.
  • Improve work efficiency and save time by reducing manual work.
    • A light automation solution speeds up work when using Microsoft Teams or SharePoint.
  • Improve data quality reduce errors caused by manual work.
    • Metadata defined based on the organization’s information practices ensure that all the necessary information can be found in every document that utilizes document models.

Implementation of document automation flexibly according to your needs

We implement the document automation solution that meets the needs of your organization in accordance with different stages:

  • Identifying the needs of managing document templates and defining practices
  • Identification of document templates and support for their preparation
  • Possible definition of automatic completion of document content control objects and its implementation using Power Automate workflow
  • Support for trial use of the solution
  • Commissioning
  • Trainings or workshops for effective use of the tool

The implementation of the tool can be done quickly and smoothly with the support of Solu Digital’s experts. We have long experience and know-how in document management.

Automate project document management with the Solu 365® tool

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