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Sharepoint training

Our SharePoint training helps all personnel take advantage of SharePoint’s versatile features to easily process, share, and store information.

Microsoft SharePoint is a versatile platform for sharing and managing information. In addition, it is a commonly used template for designing an intranet, among other things. SharePoint plays a critical role in many organizations, but you may not be able to use it well enough to make the most of it.

Implementing the use of SharePoint among the personnel of an organization can be challenging. It is also particularly important that the entire organization has the same rules for the use of O365, that is, procedures for using SharePoint, to work efficiently, transparently, and securely.

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Tailored SharePoint training to the needs of your organization  

SharePoint training is beneficial for all personnel because it makes it easier to process, share and store information and everyone knows to operate in the same way.

 In the training, you will learn, for example, to store and sort information and to use version control and different views. In addition, you also get Teams training from us.

Our training is hands-on and people-oriented so that every member of the organization, regardless of role, can effectively learn to be a master user of SharePoint. Together, we will tailor training to completely suit your needs.

Our Microsoft-certified trainers provide training in face-to-face and remote training sessions. In our training, we consider the COVID-19 recommendations and regulations in force at the time.

The structure and content of the training sessions will be planned and implemented as you wish, such as:

  • As longer, 1-2 hours long training sessions in which users practice the basic features and key functionalities themselves
  • Shorter, approximately 30-min information-intensive training as a review of features and functionalities according to your organization’s information model
  • As workshop-type training to identify best practices for SharePoint for the organization and to develop a data model that supports document management
  • Design and implement training materials such as videos, written instructions, tutorials, and SharePoint templates to support long-term user work

In our hands-on training, every member of your organization learns to use SharePoint and Office 365 tools effectively in their own work. This saves users time and allows them to focus on what is essential in their work tasks.

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SharePoint training topics

Our training can include, for example, the following topics, and they can be combined to suit your needs:

Sharepoint training

  • OneDrive for Business
  • Saving into a library
  • Metadata
  • Using libraries
  • Views and utilising them
  • Saving, automatic saving
  • Shared editing
  • Managing metadata
  • Version history
  • Synchronisation

Teams and SharePoint, separate and together

  • Channels, chats, mentions
  • Saving and opening documents from the File menu
  • Calls, video calls, and meetings
  • Bilateral instant messaging
  • Setting up a new work group
  • Read more from Teams training page

OneDrive for Business

  • Synchronising documents on a workstation
  • Automatic saving
  • Simultaneous use of personal OneDrive and OneDrive for Business
  • Solving synchronising problems

Correct use of PowerPoint

  • Utilising the organisation’s template slides
  • Constructing a slide presentation
  • Images in a presentation
  • Parts and modified presentations

Compilation of tips for Excel

  • Series
  • Conditional filtering
  • Diagrams
  • Table vs. field
  • Pivot

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Interested in SharePoint training?

Contact Marko, and we will tailor training suited to your needs!

Marko Koskela
Chief Commercial Officer, Partner

050 518 4758

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