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Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, as well as marine and industrial engines. Scania has been operating in Finland for more than 70 years. The company’s vision is to be a pioneer in providing sustainable transportation solutions by increasing logistics efficiency while reducing adverse environmental impacts. Scania Finland employs about 630 people in Finland and the company’s turnover is a total of EUR 330 million (2019). 

Reliable partnership as part of a recipe for success 

Succeeding as an industry leader requires reliable and knowledgeable partners who will help Scania and its customers continue to succeed. Solu Digital has become an important partner for Scania in the implementation and development of information management solutions. Initially, we started with the introduction of Microsoft Office 365, which has increased the need for data utilization and agile application development. 

Office 365 services were already in use at Scania, but the opportunities they offered were not sufficiently exploited for business use. The company’s own IT infrastructure included a lot of its own servers, which were expensive and time-consuming to maintain. In addition, the organization’s internal document management practices were fragmented and outdated. 

From the introduction of cloud services to the development of knowledge management 

Scania employees have been able to take advantage of the potential of cloud services in the Office environment for Teams, SharePoint, Power BI and Power Apps. Built around Teams and SharePoint, the Solu 365® solution provides a transparent and secure tool to support teamwork, enabling staff to create and manage workgroups easily and quickly. SharePoint Online-based solutions have also been implemented in contract management and electronic archiving of financial documents, among other things. 

“We’ve been able to develop a system that allows us to monitor even better how salespeople are succeeding in that field and get better access to data for sales management.”

Matti Hovila 
Sales Development Manager, Scania Finland

Data is automatically collected and processed from various source systems using Power BI and Power Apps to support business decision-making across Scania’s organization. Solu Digital’s experts train staff to use and customize the implementation of various solutions on their own within the organization, enabling a culture of continuous and agile development at Scania. 

“Solu is such an agile player – they have understood more and more of our business and needs and have been able to adjust it to their own doing and offering.”

Matti Hovila
Sales Development Manager, Scania Finland


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