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Business application development

Rapid and agile development of business applications on a case-by-case basis enhances the security and cost-effectiveness of your organization. 

Agile application development to solve business challenges 

Business is evolving and changing to meet today’s challenges at an ever-accelerating pace, which requires speed and agility also in the development of business applications. With the tools provided by Microsoft Power Platform, we can quickly and easily implement and expand custom applications to meet the needs of your organization. Applications can process large amounts of data in real time, which speeds up business decision-making and creates added value. 

Business applications that meet business needs combine data from several different source systems and automate processes and workflows. This streamlines the data lifecycle, reduces the potential for human error, reduces repetitive and unpleasant manual tasks, and increases productivity. The life cycle of existing information systems and other procurement will also be extended, and the ROI of investments will be improved. 

Digitize your business process with customized applications 

Microsoft Power Platform’s Power Apps tool for building applications, Power Automate tool for workflow automation, and Power BI reporting tool are available as cloud services and scale seamlessly from simple implementations to complex business applications. They are used on a browser as well as iOS and Android devices, making business-critical information available to users on the go. 

Power Platform tools are constantly evolving with the development of Microsoft’s powerful, built-in security and other innovations. Thanks to the existing Microsoft operating environment, the tools and applications can be deployed quickly. Easy-to-use applications also enable the commitment of the work community to the development of the organization’s operations. 

Power Apps are well-suited for implementing custom applications such as forms and surveys for use by organizations. Applications built by Power Apps are designed for measuring employee satisfaction, hourly postings, various inspections, resource reservations, and cost reporting, for example. Applications can also utilize the camera and location information of a mobile device, for example as an attachment to entries. 

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