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Automation speeds up HR processes


Applications implemented with Microsoft Power Platform tools accelerate multiple processes in organizations, especially in HR and sales

Many organizations are electrifying their businesses with the Microsoft Power Platform tools, such as Power Automate workflows and applications created using Power Apps. Applications tailored to business needs significantly reduce the time involved in retrieving, storing and processing data.

Human resource management processes such as starting a new employment relationship and changing or terminating an existing employment relationship are typical examples of cases where automation facilitates day-to-day work.

When information flows in different forms in an organization between different units and individuals, many of the steps in the process can be automated. This reduces and simplifies repetitive, manual tasks for employees.

Easiness and time savings for HR processes with the Microsoft Power Platform

In one group of companies, the most essential processes between human resources management and site representatives have been simplified to facilitate the work of all parties and save time.

The person initiating the new employment process will complete the necessary information and add the appropriate attachments. By pressing the send button, the information and its attachments are sent by e-mail to the group’s HR department and the process has been completed. Human resources experts will take the necessary action based on the information provided.

Applications built with Power Apps that make users’ daily lives easier simplify the steps of different processes by providing different data fields based on the answers given in the previous step.

Also, filling in certain data fields becomes mandatory depending on what the user has selected from the drop-down menus. For example, entering additional information is required when ‘another reason’ is selected.

Fast and agile development of business applications

The interface of the application used in Microsoft Teams and on the website is built with Power Apps, which allows you to define the fields of the forms and their data sources. All the data processed by the application is in one SharePoint list.

The Power Automate workflow running in the background of the application checks the selections made in the application and finally emails the information provided to the HR department.

The implementation of the HR solution was successful after the customer organization provided the necessary information for the application fields and the logics of the various phases and functions in one form.

The implementation of the project was made particularly easy by the fact that the iron wire model of the application was clearly outlined by the customer. The agile implementation of the application allowed for a focus on the process itself and what happens during it.

Developing business applications using Power Platform tools is not only fast and agile, but also cost-effective. After defining an application, its needs and goals, and the functions it contains, it can take as short as a week to develop an application, depending on how simple or complex the application is.

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Juha Pihlajamäki

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