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Project portfolio

Project portfolio supports managing projects at different stages

How many projects are underway in your organisation – or in planning? Not many can answer this question, and often the situation in companies is that planning and managing individual projects goes smoothly, but managing the project portfolio and the big picture may be challenging. Maintaining the information of aggregate projects is challenging and it requires much time allocation from the project leadership. Luckily, there are project-management solutions that enable you to manage all your organisation’s projects.

Solu Digital offers three levels of project-management solutions:

  • the lightest is a project portfolio implemented on top of SharePoint
  • a more robust project centre is implemented in Project Online or Project Server
  • a project portfolio report, in turn, is created in the PowerBI service

”We had to search for information on customers and customer projects from a number of locations, and confirm the validity of the information by phone. The documents were in various places and some of the information was entirely unstored. In the competitive bidding stage, a technological solution consisting of Office 365 and its Dynamics CRM Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, and Power BI tools took shape.”

Jorma Koskelo
Account Manager, Construction company Lapti

“The personnel like having a view of the development of the whole organization.”

Vesa Suomalainen
Technological Solutions and Project Office, HSL

Project portfolio fitted to the needs of your organisation

A project portfolio brings transparency and congruence into project practices. In a project portfolio, each project is visible in their different stages. Different portfolio views are in use for different target groups. Each user, depending on their role, will see which projects are underway and which have been decided upon. All central information on the projects can be found conveniently and easily in one place. Understanding aggregate projects is easy when all views can be filtered according to department, development programme, or other project meta data.

A project portfolio may sound heavy and bureaucratic, but in our implementations, the demands for project-based monitoring are adapted to the customer’s project process. Project monitoring takes the size or complexity of the project into account. A small project can be managed with some light reporting, whereas a strategic project requires more planning and monitoring. We will fit the project portfolio exactly to your organisation’s needs, and implement it as a collaborative effort that supports and eases everyday work in your organisation.

Solu Digital’s top experts have the best process and project-activity experience and know-how. The project portfolio is based on technology that is already in use in almost every one of our client organisations. There is normally no need for additional licences.

With these elements, we can create the best possible solution to suit your organization exactly. Creating a project portfolio is an undertaking that facilitates and supports your daily work. Implementing the use of the project portfolio for all users is easy with Solu Digital, as our specialists will be there to support you at every stage of the process.

”The defining stage of the deployment increased our understanding of project management. Internal processes have been normalized and standardized. In the next stage, we intend to broaden the use of the Investment Window in the direction of our partner companies.”

Harri Heinonen
ICT Service Architect, HSY

Find out more about our customer stories:

“At the beginning of the project, we formulated a development road map and a stage-by-stage implementation plan, together with Solu Digital. In this way, we got the tools working quickly, and a possibility to develop the services as user experience increased. In the next stages, we will increase integration and automatization between the services.”

Mika Virsunen
Chief Information Officer, Construction company Lapti

“Expert resources are better utilized, and we don’t have overallocation, so everyone can concentrate better on doing their own work.”

Vesa Suomalainen
Technological Solutions and Project Office, HSL

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