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Project portfolio

Project portfolio for more comprehensive project management in various project stages for project management office, project managers and project members

How many projects are currently running – or planned – in your organization? Few people can answer this question, and often in companies the situation is that the planning and management of individual projects goes well, but the management of the project portfolio and entities can cause challenges.

Maintaining information in project entities is challenging and takes a lot of time from project management. Fortunately, there are project management solutions that allow you to manage all the projects in your organization.

Solu Digital offers different types of project management solutions:

  • The lightest is a project portfolio implemented on SharePoint
  • Comprehensive functionality for seamless project management is provided by the lightweight Microsoft Project for the web
  • A more robust project center is implemented in Project Online or Project Server services
  • The project portfolio report is generated in Microsoft Power BI.

”We had to search for information on customers and customer projects from a number of locations, and confirm the validity of the information by phone. The documents were in various places and some of the information was entirely unstored. In the competitive bidding stage, a technological solution consisting of Office 365 and its Dynamics CRM Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, and Power BI tools took shape.”

Construction company Lapti

“The personnel like having a view of the development of the whole organization.”


Project portfolio fitted to the needs of your organization

The project portfolio creates transparency and consistency with project practices. In the project portfolio, each project is displayed according to its stage. We have our own portfolio views for different target groups. According to their role, each user sees which projects are currently running and which projects have been closed.

All the key information about the projects can be found conveniently and easily in one place. Understanding a project entity is easy when it is possible to filter all views by unit, development program, or other project metadata.

The project portfolio may sound cumbersome and bureaucratic, but in our implementations, project-specific monitoring requirements are adapted to the client’s project process. Project monitoring considers the size or complexity of projects. A small project can handle light reporting, while a strategic project requires more planning and monitoring. We fully adapt the project portfolio to the needs of your organization and implement the project as a collaboration that supports and facilitates the daily life of your organization.

Solu Digital’s top experts have the best experience and expertise in processes and project activities. The project portfolio is based on technology that is already in use in almost every customer organization. There is usually no need for additional licenses.

”The defining stage of the deployment increased our understanding of project management. Internal processes have been normalized and standardized. In the next stage, we intend to broaden the use of the Investment Window in the direction of our partner companies.”


Project management made easier with Microsoft technologies

Using standard Microsoft tools, the lightness and versatility of project management solutions can be flexibly increased and decreased as needed. With Microsoft 365 services, solutions can be extended to meet different usage needs, such as:

  • AzureSQL database for all project data
  • Several different options for the user interface, for example for recording hourly work or other project information:
    • SharePoint page
    • Teams application
    • Mobile form implemented with Power Apps
      • Power Automate workflows speed up data entry and processing with automation
  • Project reporting with Power BI solutions

The nature of the project and the use case dictate what the user interface looks like. It may depend on the situation, location and role of how project management with the tool progresses.

The easiest way to accept a task from your mobile is to click and record the hours after which your project management role is completed. Management will see the information you enter in Teams as a single report with no special project management application in use.

Combining the solution with other Microsoft cloud services such as Teams or SharePoint offers several opportunities to leverage the features of different tools in project management. The project tool makes it easy to manage information and documents as part of the Microsoft 365 cloud services and Office 365 cluster ecosystem.

The familiar operating environment of Microsoft 365 programs simplifies and speeds up the use of tools and saves time for project management as key information and tools are conveniently found among other tools.

If the organization has not defined uniform practices related to the use of project management methods and tools, project management solutions can be customized to suit their own needs, for example with the help of Teams and Power Platform.

Project portfolio for smooth project management

With these elements, we can create the very look and feel of your organization. Creating a project portfolio is a project that makes your everyday life easier and more supportive. Implementing the use of the project portfolio for all users is easy with Solu Digital, as our experts support you at every stage of the process.

The individual project and project portfolio management tool supports the development of an organization’s project culture. Defining and following consistent practices will help you use the tool successfully in everyday life as part of other work.

Our experts will help your organization identify policies that support the use needs of the tool to ensure a successful deployment. When project culture and project management are in balance with their tools and practices, it is easier for employees to incorporate them into their own everyday use.

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“At the beginning of the project, we formulated a development road map and a stage-by-stage implementation plan, together with Solu Digital. In this way, we got the tools working quickly, and a possibility to develop the services as user experience increased. In the next stages, we will increase integration and automatization between the services.”

Construction company Lapti

“Expert resources are better utilized, and we don’t have overallocation, so everyone can concentrate better on doing their own work.”


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