Knowledge management in practice

Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.

Customer references

Use cases as told by customers. Technology combined with know-how and processes enables
competitive advantages. This is not self-evident, however, but demands insight and the ability to use to the insight to create a story, an entity.

The stories we introduce next tell how our customers utilise technology, and what effect this has had on their everyday activity. Utilise and develop these ideas for the use of your organisation!

Scania and Solu Digital – Solu 365®

Scania employees have been able to take advantage of the potential of cloud services in the Office environment for Teams, SharePoint, Power BI and Power Apps.

Panostaja and Solu Digital – Solu 365®

Solu 365® gave the mobile-working organisation a swift communications platform and document management.

Transmeri and Solu Digital

Transmeri deployed Sharepoint Online and Power Platform for seamless support for employees’ everyday work

HSL and Solu Digital

Tools for transparent project culture and methodology

HSY and Solu Digital

Managing projects and contracts using Investment Window – SharePoint Server 2013 as the solution platform

Trade Union Pro and Solu Digital – Solu 365®

Trade Union Pro wanted to replace the previous SharePoint 2010 system with a new, Office 365-based service, while developing teamwork in a whole new direction.


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