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Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.


Solu Digital is a leading developer of digital teamwork and a Microsoft Gold partner in Finland. We have been working since 2011 with information management and knowledge management solutions and services. We have over 100 satisfied customers from a variety of industries from small businesses to large organizations.

Our range of solutions and services covers a wide range of modern information management needs – read more about our service offering.

We leverage Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, Teams, Power BI, Power Apps and Project Online, among others. The solutions are either on a server or can be placed in the cloud according to your wishes.

“Solu Digital’s references and understanding of our needs impressed us, and so broader Office 365 solutions were added to the picture. The decision to co-operate with Solu Digital came about quickly.”

Juha Sarsama
Investment Director, Panostaja

“You get really personal, reliable service from Solu Digital. The technology expertise of Solu is the very best possible. If you have Microsoft technologies in the data area, then you can get almost anything from Solu Digital.”

Tuomo Riihentupa
Development Manager, Lassila & Tikanoja

Solu digital

How we function

Information is your competitive asset.
Solu Digital implements solutions that improve utilising information in your daily work and in developing it. Together, we ensure that each member of the organisation has the right information at the right time and in the right format. This is how better decisions are made.

Discover a solution that supports communication and growth of the company.

To enable successful teamwork and communication, we find the best solutions for your company, optimised for different situations and people. We offer the solutions using Microsoft technologies. They are enduring. You can be confident that continuous further development will always be possible.

Partner who supports you in the continuous changes of working life.

Deployment of new tools and practices challenges everyone to learn and change their daily routines. Change must be planned and actualised in such a way that each person can feel safe about learning new things and developing their work. We train, instruct, and support the change.

Our promise

We will tailor for your use a data-management model that will give you considerable competitive advantage.

The business activity of your organisation will become more efficient and harmonised, and everyone will find information from the right place at the right time – also in mobile work and on mobile devices. Using our analytical tools will aid you in knowledge-based leadership and give you advantage over your competitors.


You will achieve significant gains.

You can give up unnecessary licences and will make your business activity more efficient, your organisation’s practices more unified, and note unnecessary overlaps.


Meille töihin

We are a consulting partner.

Real understanding of our customer is, for us, a point of honour. With us, you will not be abandoned: we will give you not only support services for the systems, but also expert estimates of your future development needs. We consult, train, and help you succeed – now and in the future. Our very satisfied clientele speaks for this.

Our solutions are nimble, cost-efficient, tailorable, and scalable.

Due to our expertise in substance and methodology, you will pay for exactly what you need. You can combine different modules seamlessly and implement them as your business activity develops.

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“Solu is such an agile player – they have understood more and more of our business and needs and have been able to adjust it to their own doing and offering.”

Matti Hovila
Sales Development Manager, Scania Finland

“Solu Digital’s experts’ understanding of their clients is top-notch! We never have to spell out what we want in words of one syllable, as they immediately have an understanding of our world, what we need, and what will support our business..”

Peter Krause
Peter Krause, Development Director, ICT & Digital Services, Transmeri



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