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Power Apps training

Power Apps trainings help users learn the basics of building various business solutions.

Microsoft Power Apps is part of the Microsoft Power Platform service. Its tools (Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI) make it possible to implement and expand customized applications to meet your organization’s needs quickly and easily.

The agile and cost-effective development of versatile low-code business applications makes operations more efficient and develops and improves processes.

Browser and mobile applications that process large amounts of data in real time speeds up decision-making when the information is easily available.

With the help of Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI tools used as cloud services, employees learn to develop customized applications such as forms and surveys for automatic data collection, processing, storage, and reporting.

Microsoft Power Apps for planning and implementing mobile and browser-based applications

Customized Power Apps training for business application development

Our customized Power Apps training helps your organization’s Microsoft 365 users get to know the possibilities offered by the Power Platform programs, as well as the most important features and functionalities of the Power Apps program, and their management.

Our Microsoft-certified trainers hold trainings as face-to-face and remote meetings.

The structure and content of the training events are planned and implemented in the way you wish, such as for example:

  • As half-day training sessions, where participants get to do practical exercises.
  • As workshop-type trainings, where a Power Apps application for business needs is planned together for the organization on a case-by-case basis.
  • As small clinics and remote support for using Power Apps.
  • With the design and implementation of training materials such as videos, written instructions, and instructive articles to support users’ work in the long term.

Our hands-on trainings help users build simple browser and mobile applications and workflows for the organization without programming skills.

Power Apps training content and subject areas

Our training can include, for example, the following subjects, and they can be combined according to your needs:

Power Platform training: an introduction to the basics of application development

  • Introduction to the Power Platform and related tools
  • Connectors
  • Power Platform in Microsoft Teams

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Power Apps training: basics of application development

  • Introduction to using Power Apps
  • General features and functionality of Power Apps Studio
  • Using controls, formulas, collections, variables, galleries, and forms
  • Building data models
  • Connecting data sources to the application
  • Power Apps ready-made templates and their customization
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Application sharing and access rights

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Interested in our Power Platform training?

Contact Jere and we will tailor a training package to suit your needs!

Jere Palanne
Chief Technology Officer, Partner

040 580 2763

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