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Most powerful knowledge management solutions

Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.

Business application development

Use-case business application development with Microsoft Power Platform tools

We can quickly and easily implement and expand custom applications to meet the needs of your organization with the tools provided by the Microsoft Power Platform. Applications can process large amounts of data in real-time, speeding up business decision-making and creating added value.

Applications that meet business needs combine data from a variety of source systems and automate processes and workflows.

Streamline your organization’s operations securely and cost-effectively:

  • Digitize your business processes with customized applications
  • Accelerate business decision-making and create added value
  • Use business-critical information on the go
  • Improve data lifecycle and consistent data quality
  • Reduce the potential for human error
  • Reduce repetitive and uncomfortable manual tasks and improve job satisfaction
  • Increase the productivity of your organization as employees can focus on the essentials of their work
  • Extend the life cycle of existing information systems and other procurement, and improve ROI on investments
  • Engage the work community in developing the organization’s operations through easy-to-use applications

“We’ve been able to develop a system that allows us to monitor even better how salespeople are doing in that field and get better access to that sales control.”

Scania Finland

“It is very important to us that all functionalities are centralized in the Office 365 world. Therefore, the PowerApps tool was the most logical option for us when migrating workflows and forms to the Sharepoint Online environment. In addition, we wanted the solution not to be too cumbersome. ”


Agile and cost-effective application development to solve business challenges

The tools of the Microsoft Power Platform are available as cloud services and scale seamlessly from simple implementations to complex business applications:

  • Power Apps tool for building applications
  • Power Automate tool for workflow automation
  • Power BI tool for reporting

Power Platform tools are constantly evolving with the development of Microsoft’s powerful, built-in security and other innovations.

Power Apps is well-suited for implementing custom applications such as forms and surveys for use by organizations. Power Apps builds applications such as:

  • measuring staff satisfaction
  • for recordings of near misses
  • sales customer contact and quotation management
  • for hourly work entries
  • various inspections
  • resource reservations
  • cost reporting.

Applications can also utilize the camera and location information of a mobile device, for example as an attachment to entries.

“The customer understanding of Solu Digital’s experts is top notch! You never have to twist what we’re looking for, but your experts immediately understand from our world what we need and what supports our business. ”


Deploy business applications quickly to meet your needs

We implement the deployment of business applications that meet the needs of your organization according to the various stages:

  • Defining application needs and usage in the organization
  • Technical implementation and piloting
  • Training or workshops for effective use of the application
  • Further development of the application according to changing needs and challenges to facilitate the work of the organization and users of the application

Thanks to the existing Microsoft operating environment, the tools and applications can be deployed quickly.

“It has been easy, pleasant and simple to do business with Solu Digital people. The professionals of Solu Digital involved in our projects have extensive experience and expertise, the customer only needs to explain their needs and Solu Digital produces the implementation. Each meeting is structured for Solu Digital and all agreed tasks have always been done. We have not received an answer to any of our wishes, which I greatly appreciate as a buyer of the service. In addition, all people at Solu Digital are pleasant and polite to all things and people. All agreed things and schedules have been kept. I am very satisfied with Solu Digital’s service. ”

Scania Finland

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Marko Koskela
Chief Commercial Officer, Partner

050 518 4758

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