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Business Intelligence

Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.

KUUMA-ICT and Solu Digital

Business Intelligence – A nimble BI application solved billing challenges

Solu Digital implemented a solution for managing billing information for Keski-Uudenmaan informaatioteknologia Oy, or KUUMA-ICT, utilizing Microsoft Business Intelligence technology.

We produce ICT services for a number of municipalities, and our billing is based on how the municipalities used different services. The bulk of information to be managed is fairly large, as the workstations we manage alone amount to thousands. Add to that information being contained in different systems, and cost centres related to different jobs amounting to hundreds, keeping up billing information has, so far, been quite labour-intensive.  

Previously, information was gathered manually from different systems onto Excel sheets, and further to invoicing. Now, information from different source systems is gathered automatically and moved to an invoicing file in a centralised way, utilising a solution based on Business Intelligence tools. This considerably reduces both time allocation for this job and the possibility of human error.

Nimble implementation – swift results at reasonable cost

Before this spring, the challenges connected with gathering billing information had been on the table for a long time, but the solutions we had been offered had turned out to be quite costly. Complete renewal of big systems will easily amount to an investment of tens of thousands, and years and years have to be allocated for completing the process.

“The BI project with Solu Digital was an excellent example of achieving complicated implementations using ordinary tools. “

Ari Sainio
Managing Director, KUUMA-ICT

The BI project with Solu Digital, however, was an excellent example of how nowadays, even quite complicated implementations can be achieved nimbly, using ordinary tools. The project took only a couple of months in total, and the cost was reasonable.

Numerous possibilities for further development

BI applications are the present day. It is absolutely worth it to get acquainted with the possibilities they offer, and to utilize companies who know how to use them.

“Co-operation with Solu Digital was very good and flexible. I firmly believe we will use different BI solutions in the future, too, for gathering, moving, and refining information.”

Ari Sainio
Managing Director


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