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HSL and Solu Digital

Tools for transparent project culture and methodology

The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) is an inter-municipal authority that provides public transport and develops a functional transportation network. Daily, over a million, and annually, over 370 million people step on board public transport organised by HSL. There are over 25 000 departures during weekdays, and over 300 routes altogether. HSL municipalities include Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, and Sipoo, and, from 2018, also Siuntio and Tuusula.


Controlling the big picture with nimble portfolio management

In the autumn of 2017, to improve data flow, HSL started to develop project management tools as part of a broader reform of project methodology and practices. Managing projects and activities was made challenging by their sheer volume, and a better general picture, as well as increased transparency for the whole organisation on the projects and their interdependencies, was sought. HSL has presented results of the reforms at the 2018 Project Days, among others.

“Solu Digital became the chosen supplier due to its good reputation in deploying nimble portfolio management systems.”

Seppo Perkiö
IT Administration Manager, HSL

To support a new project methodology and culture, and enable uniform implementation of projects, new tools were needed so that managing the entirety, leadership, and communication would all remain under control. In addition, the solution needed to be a reasonably light and easy-to-use tool for the end user, which would enable further development as the culture of practice developed.

A solution that develops alongside the culture

The project-portfolio management system was constructed on Sharepoint as an independent application with its own database, and was made to communicate with other systems. For the user, the end result was, however, a simple and easy-to-use web site, which included a compilation of all projects and their current status.

“We wanted a solution we can develop and take further, as our culture of practice develops.”

Vesa Suomalainen
Technological Solutions and Project Office, HSL

The offered compiled view is useful in both managing a project and presenting it to the rest of the organisation. Additionally, every HSL employee has an opportunity to examine what kinds of projects are currently underway, how they are progressing, and what resources have been allocated to them. This has increased transparency in the organisation and is a big change compared to the previous project culture, in which information concerning the project stayed mainly within the project team. Every employee who has a development idea can also make their own project suggestions and can follow further developments to the idea.

“The personnel like having a view of the development of the whole organization.”

Vesa Suomalainen
Technological Solutions and Project Office, HSL

Project view to support everyday activity

HSL now has an easy tool for top-level management that not only supports project managers, but also furthers data flow within the organisation. Activity can be directed better than before, employees working on development can concentrate on projects, and the entire personnel has a view to what goes on. Consequently, human resources, time allocation, and budget use of projects can be planned more precisely than previously.

“Expert resources are better utilized, and we don’t have overallocation, so everyone can concentrate better on doing their own work.”

Vesa Suomalainen
Technological Solutions and Project Office, HSL

Use of the project-portfolio management system was enlarged to cover follow-up of investments and purchases, on the same platform and implementation. In this way, investments for the coming years can be made to support strategic and financial planning better than previously.

Seppo Perkiö
Chief Information Officer


Vesa Suomalainen
Technological Solutions and Project Office, HSL

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