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Panostaja and Solu Digital – Solu 365®

Solu 365® gave the mobile work organization a swift communications platform and document management

Panostaja is a Finnish investment company that has functioned since 1984. As an active proprietor, Panostaja develops Finnish small and medium enterprises. The company has nine investment targets in majority ownership and two in minority shareholding, which form a concern together with Panostaja. Altogether 2043 people work within the Panostaja concern, and the revenue is 200 million euros in total (2018).

Solu Digital’s understanding of their customers was impressive

As an organisation, Panostaja is small and nimble, and the personnel are mobile. In the internal communication of the company, the challenge was that the personnel rarely met face-to-face. Email was too clumsy for internal communication, and Panostaja was looking for an alternative solution to this.

Panostaja was already using a document management system. A communications platform that would also work in mobile use was sought. The company had so far been using Microsoft tools, and as a new option, also Google tools were charted.

“Solu Digital’s references and understanding of our needs impressed us, and so broader Office 365 solutions were added to the picture. The decision to co-operate with Solu Digital came about quickly. ”

Juha Sarsama
Investment Director, Panostaja

Solu Digital has built for Panostaja a Solu 365® tool for managing Office 365 groups and documents, as well as for supporting teamwork.

“In the solution, it was important for us that alongside the possibility for communication, there would be a document-management function. Also, the system cannot be too heavy, and it must be simple to use.”

Juha Sarsama
Investment Director, Panostaja

Panostaja deployed the Solu 365® tool in early 2019, and it functions excellently. The deployment of the Solu 365® tool had a very tight schedule, but Solu Digital’s expert was efficient and completed the project swiftly and with determination. Co-operation was flexible both ways. Particularly in the use of Teams, the personnel at Panostaja had much to learn. Solu Digital gave much help and support in this.

“What is particularly positive about the Solu 365® product is how it offers a transparent way of sharing information and communicating. Every member of the organization knows about the internal affairs of the company, in real-time and regardless of location. In our internal communications, we have moved almost entirely from email to Teams channels.”

Milla Store
Management Consultant, Panostaja


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