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Teams for power use

In recent months, many experienced IT users have made comments about how using Teams has been a kind of learning path. Not because the program would be difficult to use, but because learning has basically been about unlearning – the most difficult kind of learning to take over. Perhaps a more typical example about it is how adding a related message or comment was forcibly slipping to the side of the email.

Manage projects with the right practices and applications

Project management is a key part of an organization’s operations. When project management is organized in terms of methods and tools as well as culture, work is enhanced at all levels of the business, from top management to an individual team member.

Take control of your Microsoft Teams

Recent months have been a good time in terms of the growing use of the Microsoft Teams video conferencing application as remote work has quickly become the new norm for many employees.

Can SharePoint be used for contract management?

When contract management is a vital part of the business, the importance of effective practices and tools becomes further emphasized. At best, contract management streamlines the business, and at worst, it causes unnecessary risks and even business losses.

Office 365 Groups Revisited

Microsoft will re-invent productivity and business process to help businesses coping with explosion of digital systems and data.

Manage your SharePoint-environment like a pro

SharePoint environment should be grown with caution. Proactive behaviour, good dialog with partners, transparency and clear division of responsibilities ensure the quality of the end result.

Agile software development

Software requirements specification is often a long and costly process, when in fact there are only a handful of key features in a successful application.


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