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Most powerful knowledge management solutions

Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.


Microsoft tools for project work according to the OKR model

Microsoft’s project tools’ Goals feature supports the OKR model excellently and helps to achieve strategic goals.

Build trust and success in virtual teams

Working smoothly in a team operating in a virtual environment requires strong communication and cooperation skills to build trust.

Microsoft Planner with premium features and Copilot

Microsoft Planner with premium features and Copilot enhance project management, helping to achieve goals faster and more efficiently.

Microsoft Project Server Support Ending – What’s Next?

Microsoft is ending support for Project Server. Its replacement, Microsoft’s new project environment, utilizes the powerful Power Platform architecture and automation.

More results and less stress with time management

By managing your time use, you reduce stress and achieve more results. Read tips from our blog and use your time to work more efficiently.

Peace of mind with Project for the web maintenance services

Outsourced Microsoft Project for the web maintenance services allows you to focus on what’s essential while entirely using the investment made in the tool.

Solu Digital develops the intranet into a learning platform with the Academy of Brain’s micro-courses

Solu Digital offers intranet-based learning solutions in cooperation with the Academy of Brain.

SharePoint Premium: intelligent information management for vanguard organizations

Microsoft SharePoint Premium offers several additional features that make using and managing SharePoint environments and their contents easier.

Ensure data security before rolling out Copilot

Successfully rolling out Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 with emphasis on data security, compliance, and access to information.

Know your competitive advantage

The organization’s accumulated knowledge is valuable capital that requires a proper infrastructure. How effectively is information used in your organization?

Using Microsoft Teams effectively: 5 tips about bots

The bots used in Microsoft Teams enhance the use of Teams with automated actions. Read tips about the features of different Teams bots.

Boost operations with Microsoft Bookings and the Power Automate connector

Microsoft Bookings for booking appointments improves the operation of any organization by automating processes with the help of the Power Automate connector.


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