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Using Microsoft Teams effectively: 5 Tips for working with meetings

Effective use of Teams in meetings can be achieved through systematic policies and tools. Check out our Teams meeting tips to collaborate more effectively.

Microsoft Power BI tool simplifies the work of a controller

Microsoft Power BI’s Business Intelligence solutions make the controller’s everyday life easier and free up time for decision-making and management support.

Using Microsoft Teams effectively: 5 Tips for Teams settings

Using Teams effectively requires reviewing and editing various settings as needed. Use the tips to support your own work and collaboration with others.

Microsoft Power Platform enables agile application development for HR

Solutions built with Power Platform’s tools streamline and simplify human resource management processes.

Microsoft Teams brings customers closer remotely

Microsoft Teams gives you a great place to share files, links, and other assets with a customer to keep the conversation going online.

SharePoint pages as Teams applications empower remote work

Microsoft Teams does not only concentrate on working with information, documents, tasks, and people into one application, but also streamlining work.

Digital tools and unified practices support the digital leap required for remote and hybrid work

The importance of working digital processes and the tools and practices that support those processes becomes crucial in remote and hybrid working.

Successful deployment of Teams requires unified practices, training, and communication

Successful delivery of a technical solution with different needs for a change in operating methods requires the organization to think about a comprehensive deployment and service strategy.

Power Platform at the heart of digitalization and remote work

Microsoft Power Platform provides good prerequisites for supporting the digitalization of an organization with relatively light work done cost-effectively.

A digital leap of sales supported by Microsoft Power Apps

Applications developed with Microsoft Power Apps, a part of wide variety of Office 365 software and cloud services, combine data from a variety of source systems. They can also be used to digitize manual processes as well as workflows handling large amounts of data. This saves time as work becomes more efficient and the quality of work improves, while human errors are reduced.

Easy booking of workspaces with Outlook

Meeting room reservation functionality for Microsoft Outlook calendar bookings has long served the needs of small and large organizations in terms of supporting meeting practices. Now Microsoft has taken that convenient feature one level further by launching a workspace reservation in addition to meeting reservation functionalities.

Is Teams the next-generation intranet?

Teams is becoming a very central tool in connecting organisational knowledge and employees in an effective way. It makes you think about the role of Teams and the connections between it and other information systems and applications of organisations that are utilised in information management and, for example, internal communication.


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