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Business Intelligence solutions

Managing and reporting commercial information is now self-service independent of time or location – deploy Business Intelligence solutions.

Business Intelligence refers to a company’s information gathering, storage, and analysis. Reports are planned using the PowerBI tool, and published target group by target group in, for example, SharePoint or Teams, supporting virtual conversation about the report. You can filter the information in the reports, and, if necessary, delve deeper into background data. As part of the everyday activity of a company or organisation, reports support leading by knowledge. 

 The Business Intelligence solutions will support your daily work at your own terms. Managing commercial information is easy and flexible, if you use Business Intelligence solutions.

BI reporting and budgeting

BI reporting is a visual way of presenting data the system collects from various sources. With our help, you can design a report app for budgets and other projections, where the data is read as files or perhaps using the Power Apps form. Different scenarios can be tested quickly. Business Intelligence solutions offer a data warehouse, into which information is loaded from backup systems.

What do Business Intelligence solutions have to offer?

Business Intelligence solutions offer a tool for managing commercial information, for leadership, and for BI reports. You will always receive up-to-date information on the processes of your commercial enterprise, and you can automatise and visualise the information to be easy to grasp. Our Business Intelligence solutions include:

Projections and budgeting

  • Speed up the budgeting process considerably, and free up your time from manual labour for planning and analysis.

Returns cards and KPI measurements

  • Conveniently measure your progress in relation to your aims, and visualise activities.

Business Intelligence as “self-service”: at low cost and exactly when it suits you

  • Facilitate and support your daily work with Business Intelligence, at your own terms.

Analyses, BI reports, and process states

  • Up-to-date reports and analyses of business activities in an easy-to-read form, to support your decision-making.

Information retrieval

  • Ease your everyday work with the search function.

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