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Document management

Document management – find information easily and securely

Documents, dossiers, and files – they go by many names. In today’s digital work environment, document management must be easy, and it must support, for example, simultaneous editing by multiple users. Simultaneously, the demand for a correct way of managing documents has also grown. In spite of this, network drives and even email applications are in many organisations still used for managing shared documents, whereby their availability, accessibility, and manageability is not properly realised. Different versions of documents may be doing the rounds in employees’ emails, and end-user licenses may be a mess. It is worthwhile steering away from these practices and finding a more secure solution for document management that would also support digital teamwork. We have the best solutions for this.

Documents are an organisation’s digital capital. The knowledge of the company lives in the documents. This is why it is important for the company to ensure that documents are up-to-date, usable, and easy to find. Successful document management needs the right tools:

  • SharePoint is a document-management system, in which documents needed by the organisation are stored
  • Microsoft Teams is the hub of teamwork, which utilises SharePoint and its document-management features in the background for handling flies
  • Yammer will store all attachments uploaded to conversations in SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business is a place for managing personal documents.

Document management over their entire lifespan

It is worth it to plan document metadata based on required use, and versatile metadata usage is recommended. Metadata should be applied as broadly as possible, but automatically. Input by hand is not practical.  The tools and methods developed by Solu Digital offer a solution for managing the entire life span of documents, and for balanced and user-friendly implementation of the metadata model. 

Migrating from multiple sources onto SharePoint

Often, the documents of client organisations are initially spread out over various places, such as network drives, email, staff computers, and elsewhere. Solu Digital moves the documents to SharePoint as a service, either utilising migration tools or a tailored script. It is usually best for the users to move their own documents to OneDrive for Business, supported by Solu Digital’s instructions.

Solu Digital’s experts will instruct and train the entire personnel in correct document management, whereby implementing the practice to the whole organisation is easy and efficient.

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