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Document management

Document management with Microsoft SharePoint helps you find information easily and securely. We help your company clarify the data mass and facilitate collaboration.

Document management streamlines operations

In today’s digital work environment, document management must be easy and support, for example, multi-user editing. At the same time, the requirements for the right kind of document management have grown alongside.

Nevertheless, network drives and even email applications are still used today in many organizations to manage shared documents. In this case, the availability, accessibility, and manageability of documents will not be properly realized. Different versions of documents may be circulated from employee emails and network disk permissions are confused.

You should try to get rid of these ways and find a more secure solution for document management that supports digital teamwork. We have the best solutions for this.

”We had to search for information on customers and customer projects from a number of locations, and confirm the validity of the information by phone. The documents were in various places and some of the information was entirely unstored. In the competitive bidding stage, a technological solution consisting of Office 365 and its Dynamics CRM Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, and Power BI tools took shape.”

Construction company Lapti Oy

“Planning documents, drawings, memos, and minutes were printed and sent via email, resulting in occasional difficulties in finding out which was the final version. We were already using SharePoint as our intranet platform, and so it was natural to continue developing the same platform.”


Right tools for every need

Documents and files are the digital capital of an organization. Company information resides in documents. Therefore, it is important for the company to ensure that the documents are up-to-date, securely available, and easy to find. Document management is possible with the right tools:

  • SharePoint is a document management system that stores the documents your organization needs
  • Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork that leverages SharePoint and its document management capabilities to handle files. Read about Microsoft Teams here.
  • Yammer saves all conversation attachments to SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business is the place to manage personal documents
  • Microsoft Viva brings together the organization’s communication, knowledge, learning, resources, and work and well-being insights into Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams collaboration and productivity tools. Read more about Microsoft Viva here.
  • With the Solu 365® solution, you create O365 and Teams groups according to your organization’s typical usage situations, such as the data model, tools, and document templates required for project work. Read more about Solu 365® here.

”In the solution, it was important for us that alongside the possibility for communication, there would be a document-management function. Also, the system cannot be too heavy, and it must be simple to use.”


SharePoint for easy and effortless document management

Microsoft SharePoint provides a variety of tools for processing, saving, and sharing documents:

  • Unlimited storage for an increasing amount of data
    • SharePoint Online cloud service flexibly ensures the right size and price of storage for the growing needs of data and documents
  • Process, store and share documents anywhere, anytime and from any device
    • SharePoint Online cloud service allows employees to work on documents relevant to their work, regardless of time, place, or device
    • Access to the organization’s shared documents and personal files requires nothing more than an Internet browser
  • Search functions that improve the discoverability and accessibility of information and documents
    • SharePoint retrieves results from all Microsoft 365 programs quickly and easily, displaying accurate search results – the more precisely the metadata is defined, the better search results SharePoint can find
  • Functionalities that support collaboration
    • Simultaneous editing of documents with other users, as well as commenting and discussion features associated with document processing, help teams work together, streamlining task management
  • Functionalities that make working with information more efficient
    • Comprehensive functionalities to automate workflows help streamline work alone and with others
    • Workflows such as approval and comment chains and electronic signatures, alerts, and reminders for due dates
    • Integrate Power Automate workflows into document management
  • Version control for organized document management
    • Version history tells you important information, such as who created and edited the file, when the file was viewed and edited
    • Version control helps to restore previously automatically saved file versions
    • Document backup in the cloud service
  • A tool to strengthen an organization’s IT policies and security
    • Proper document expiration policies, automation of deletion or retention, as well as encryption policies are deployed based on the document classification model
    • Folder-specific access restriction for individuals or Office 365 groups
  • Features that strengthen the transparency, sense of community, and trust of the organizational culture
    • It is easier for management, teams, and employees to stay up to date on the activities of close partners, such as participating in discussions such as Yammer and Teams.

Document management over their entire lifespan

Document metadata should be designed from the point of view of user needs, and their versatile use is recommended. Metadata should be applied as widely as possible, but automatically. It is not appropriate to enter them manually.

The tools and methods developed by Solu Digital provide a solution for comprehensive document lifecycle management and balanced and user-friendly implementation of the metadata model.

Migration from multiple sources to SharePoint

In the initial situation, the documents in the customer organization are often scattered in different places, such as network drives, e-mail, staff computers, and elsewhere.

Solu Digital transfers documents to SharePoint as a service, either using migration tools or using a custom script. Users should usually transfer their own documents to OneDrive for Business by the users themselves with the instructions from Solu Digital.

Solu Digital’s experts guide and train all personnel in the correct management of documents, making practical deployment throughout the organization easy and agile.

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