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Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is a versatile employee experience platform to support the daily lives of employees and teams, helping you feel comfortable and succeed at work. It brings together communication, information, learning, resources, and insights as part of the collaboration and productivity tools in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

A more decentralized and digital work environment requires solutions that support corporate culture, on-the-job learning, and employee wellbeing. By combining technology, data, and insights, Microsoft Viva helps organizations create more sustainable and innovative jobs and a successful culture where employees are committed, and leaders are inspired.

It is time to renew the experience of employees, to create organizational cultures that adapt to the changing working life and that consider the diversity of employees, for example in working methods, searching information and learning. By investing in creativity, inclusion, and wellbeing, organizations can support employees and teams to do their best.

Microsoft Viva employee experience platform provides tools that combine employee wellbeing, learning, communication, information discovery, and employee engagement as a natural part of working. The platform allows organizations to create a work environment that prioritizes employees and thus improves business results.

Microsoft Viva supports building a comprehensive employee experience

Microsoft Viva, which combines key elements of a customized employee experience on the same platform and leverages Microsoft 365 and Teams:

  • Harness knowledge and expertise for all employees
    • Microsoft Viva Topics automatically identifies, processes, and organizes content and expertise across the organization, making it easy for employees to find and leverage information.
  • Enhance culture and communication at every level of the organization
    • Microsoft Viva Connections is your gateway to a modern participatory experience designed to engage all employees in activities and discussions and keep all employees up to date.
  • Accelerate training and growth
    • Microsoft Viva Learning supports employees in formal and non-formal learning just when it is needed, making it easier for employees to learn new skills flexibly while working.
  • Balance productivity and wellbeing
    • Microsoft Viva Insights helps people and businesses succeed with informed insights and recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Knowledge and expertise (Viva Topics)

Microsoft Viva Topics provides a tool for finding information and experts within your organization by combining, structuring, managing and protecting your organization’s knowledge and expertise in Microsoft 365 with artificial intelligence.

It is easy for employees to find and use information as Viva Topics automatically provides documents, discussions, videos, and people related to the topic they are searching for.

The accessibility of information improves with fast and accurate results by Viva Topics utilizing artificial intelligence, as well as Microsoft 365, Teams, and data from third-party service providers.

Microsoft Viva Topics is now available as an add-on to Microsoft 365 enterprise packages.

Engaging culture and communication (Viva Connections)

The Microsoft Viva Connections app, an add-on app to Microsoft Teams, provides access to a personalized digital work environment that includes news, discussions, and tools needed to succeed at work, as well as internal communication materials such as guidelines, company presentations, and policies that are easily accessible to employees. Viva Connections brings the intranet directly to your Teams application.

Viva Connections helps organizations build an inclusive corporate culture and communication where the opinions of all employees’ matter. The app allows personnel to make contacts from the management level to the store floor employees, set up virtual teams, and inspire and encourage colleagues. With Viva Connections, all employees in an organization can easily participate and influence their opinions, thus strengthening the virtual sense of trust and community.

Microsoft Viva Connections will be available now as a desktop version and mobile app later this year.

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    Skills and growth (Viva Learning)

    Microsoft Viva Learning provides a tool that gathers in one place the organization’s own learning resources, LinkedIn and Microsoft Learning’s learning resources, as well as materials from third-party service providers. The app helps users browse, track, and share a wide range of content from comprehensive entities to individual learning content.

    Viva Learning helps employees make better use of training and professional development opportunities as part of the workday, naturally and without disruption. Microsoft Viva Learning makes learning and personal growth an easy part of working. The app encourages a culture of growth that helps employees reach their potential.

    Microsoft Viva Learning is now available as a pre-release for selected users.

    Productivity and wellbeing (Viva Insights)

    Microsoft Viva Insights provides employees with personalized, private recommendations with relevant information and actions in the Microsoft 365 applications that employees use daily. The app helps them take regular breaks, focus better on learning and work, strengthen interaction with colleagues, and identify opportunities to improve their own work.

    For supervisors and managers, Viva Insights provides visibility into work norms that can lead to burnout due to work outside of working hours, an excessive number of meetings, or too short uninterrupted working hours. Organizational insights and research generated from unidentified aggregation data support management in identifying best practices.

    By prioritizing employees’ personal wellbeing and balancing productivity, organizations can foster a culture in which both employees and the organization thrive.

    The relevant personal information displayed by Viva Insights is available under any Microsoft 365 license. Relevant manager data requires Workplace Analytics access.

    Microsoft Viva Insights is available for Microsoft 365 users.

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