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Teams management with Solu 365® workgroup automation


Increase the manageability and transparency of Microsoft Teams with Solu 365®. Workgroup automation simplifies the group creation process and improves security.

Microsoft Teams’ various tools enable a modern digital work environment for document and information management that supports modern teamwork, while helping the team to function as a single unit.

The team’s cooperation is supported by their own, familiar working methods adapted to the team’s processes. In Teams groups, up-to-date views on the projects and tasks worked on by the team enhance both cooperation and personal work and decision-making. With common work practices and the right tools, the team stays focused, efficient, and satisfied, fostering a successful corporate culture within the organization.

But what to do when:

  • The organization has many Teams groups,
  • Some groups are duplicates for the same purpose, or
  • Information is fragmented around the organization on users’ workstations, emails, and network drives?

Make it easier to manage Teams groups and information with Solu 365®

Workgroup automation with Solu 365® tool makes it easier to manage Teams groups in addition to defining common procedures. With automation, Teams groups are created and managed according to use cases defined by the organization. In groups created with Solu 365, users can structure information and control how it is shared with specific users.

With Solu 365, work becomes more efficient, and employees can focus on the essentials of their work:

  • A clear and simple process for creating Teams groups
    • Create groups with the right settings and tools for different purposes, such as internal groups, project groups and external partnership groups.
    • Easy-to-use and simple form with instructions guide the user through the steps.
    • An automation-driven workgroup management process ensures that the organization operates in accordance with consistent practices in a secure manner.
  • Make information and documents easier to find
    • Automation creates predefined metadata for the new Teams group in the background.
    • The use of Solu 365® supports and adheres to consistent naming, storage, and organization policies.
  • Add manageability and transparency to Office 365
    • Customize Microsoft components such as the SharePoint site, Planner, and Office document templates into teamwork as needed.
    • Different usage needs determine what Teams channels, document templates, task management solutions, and other resources each workgroup type needs.
  • Transparent and easy navigation to Teams and Microsoft 365 groups
    • Manage the groups you own in the real-time portfolio view of Solu 365.
    • Archive groups to end automatically by the due date.
  • Secure group management
    • Team-specific security is improved when the information is in the right place for the right people.
    • The security of the organization is improved when access by external users is limited to teams.

Smoother teamwork with Solu 365®

Trade union Pro wanted to develop teamwork in a completely new direction with the Office 365-based service and adopt a new way of working as a resource that unites all personnel. The 365® solution was selected to enhance communication and document management with the help of workgroup automation to create adhoc Teams groups that support the new approach.

Panostaja was looking for an alternative communication platform to improve the company’s internal communication instead of e-mail, which was perceived as too rigid. The challenge was that a lot of personnel is on the move, so employees meet rarely face-to-face.

The mobile solution was found in the Solu 365® tool, which provides an agile and transparent way to share information and communicate in real time, regardless of location.

Take control of your organization’s Teams teams with Solu 365® workgroup automation – download our free Teams guide and work more efficiently starting from today!

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