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Microsoft Viva Connections brings the intranet to Teams


Microsoft Viva Connections brings the intranet directly to Microsoft Teams collaboration and productivity platform. Read tips on how to set up the Viva Connections desktop application.

Microsoft Viva Connections brings the intranet directly to Microsoft Teams. By clicking on a separate icon in the left sidebar, employees can go directly to the intranet home page defined by the organization.

From the portal, users can find all the news, sites and content relevant to their work, such as guidelines, company presentations and policies. All necessary resources readily available to employees.

With Viva Connections, users have access to a personalized digital work environment that helps them work better together, share information, news, and content, and easily discuss them from one and the same Teams application.

Streamline internal communication on your intranet directly in Teams

Resources found, organized, and displayed using artificial intelligence help employees stay up-to-date on current news and resources on topics important to the organization. Time is saved and concentration is improved when important resources for work can be found centrally:

  1. Make important content available effortlessly
    • Viva Connections uses global navigation links on the intranet that can be configured in SharePoint.
    • For example, Quick Links, organization charts, and other information and materials about business information, as well as resources frequently used by employees, are easily and quickly accessible.
    • Global navigation links can be customized according to target groups, in which case the content is displayed to a specific group of users. In this case, SharePoint’s user group-specific targeting settings also apply in Teams.
    • In addition, the application displays employee-specific content recommendations from news and user-monitored sites to the employee using Microsoft Graph. These recommendations are not editable.
  2. Leverage intranet resources in Teams
    • Content such as guidelines, company presentations, policies, and other modern SharePoint pages and sites that support your work are browsable directly in the Teams window.
    • With Intranet content just a few clicks away in Teams, work on the subject and other contexts is not interrupted nor the focus is otherwise disturbed.
  3. Search for information, documents and experts in Teams
    • It is easy for employees to find and make use of information and experts directly using the Teams search box on the Viva Connections home page.
    • Search results open in a SharePoint page in the device’s browser, automatically containing documents, discussions, videos, and people related to the topic you searched for.
    • Customizing search functions on SharePoint sites works in the same way on Teams on the intranet home page.
  4. Share content and collaborate effortlessly
    • The top of a SharePoint page dynamically displays subject and topic-related tools that help users work together, such as sharing and commenting on documents and pages.
    • For example, sharing a page link to a Teams conversation is much easier.

How do I enable Viva Connections in my organization when I am not a Microsoft 365 user?

If your organization does not already have Microsoft 365 cloud services for time, place, and device-independent work, here’s how to get started:

  • Update document management to SharePoint Online
    • Improve the discoverability and availability of information in your organization by accessing content, applications, and other resources that are important and relevant to everyone’s work.
    • Work seamlessly with colleagues with Office 365 programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Online
  • Set up a SharePoint home site and define a landing page for the intranet home page displayed by Viva Connections
    • Modern SharePoint sites and communications sites can be viewed as intranet content using Viva Connections
  • Create Yammer communities in Microsoft Teams
    • Help people find each other and group their resources to ensure smooth collaboration

How do I enable Viva Connections in my organization as a Microsoft 365 user?

If your organization has Microsoft 365 license already, installing the Microsoft Viva Connections desktop application is not difficult.

Here are step-by-step instructions for installing Viva Connections with SharePoint PowerShell:

  • Define a SharePoint main site for the intranet home page displayed by Viva Connections as the administrator or owner of the SharePoint site
    • The default page opens whenever the user accesses Viva Connections in Teams
  • Enable global navigation and specify navigation links as the owner of the SharePoint site a
  • Create a Viva Connections application suite with PowerShell as a SharePoint site administrator or owner
  • Ensure that the necessary tenant and site-specific information is available when creating the package
  • Download the Viva Connection desktop application package from the Teams Admin Center
    • Enter the required information
    • Download the Teams manifest as a .zip file to your device
    • The Teams administrator should download the .zip file in the Teams Admin Center under Manage Applications
  • Manage Viva Connections and make it the default application in Teams
    • After completing the previous step, the desktop application will be available to all Teams users
    • You can manage the application like any other application in the Teams Admin Center
    • You can assign permissions to an application so that only certain user groups can find the application in the Teams application directory

Boost intranet use with Microsoft Viva Connections

Viva Connections allows employees a new kind of work experience that combines personalized news and content recommendations, as well as powerful search features to find information and experts easily and quickly.

Microsoft Viva Connections will now be available as a desktop version and mobile app later this year.

Learn more about what Microsoft Viva is and its benefits in building an inclusive organizational culture that focuses on the balanced work and well-being of employees.

Henry Scheinin
Leading consultant, partner

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