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Worktime recording smoothly with a Microsoft solution


Worktime recording, monitoring, and reporting in project work can be done smoothly with an application based on Microsoft tools.

In the management of project resources, one of the most important things is using a system for the recording and monitoring of the working hours of the people working in the project.

There are many browser-based worktime recording applications available on the market. However, they often work separately from other systems used in project work. Maintaining information in several different places becomes challenging when the project gets bigger and more complex.

In project management, as well as in other work, the integration of systems and the centralization of information in one environment brings significant advantages as work speeds up and becomes more efficient. Information is best used when it is accessible to all parties regardless of time, place, and device

Worktime entries effortlessly

Solu’s time recording application works in a browser, and its use does not require any special skills. The application retrieves information for the time recording form from Microsoft’s Project for the Web (PfW) project tasks, for example. In this case, the user does not have to do anything else than enter the working hours in the correct rows.

The automatic search of information on hourly recording lines makes the project manager’s life easier, as there is no need for hourly recording items to be created separately. Every project team member can log their hours immediately after the project data is created.

An electronic approval cycle can be attached to the time recording application, so that project managers and supervisors can smoothly confirm people’s time recordings if necessary.

Reporting of worktime recordings

The application’s hourly records are stored in the Azure database, from where the data can be retrieved for Power BI reports, for example. Information can be combined with time recording reports from different sources, such as project status information from Project for the Web and personnel cost center information from the HR system.

Tracking the completed hours becomes easier as the report can be viewed for the desired period using different search criteria, for example by project or person.

Focus project work on Teams

Microsoft Teams serves as an efficient center for project work, in which you can centralize Project for the Web’s project management features, the time recording application, and Power BI reports in addition to information, documents and communication.

Increase efficiency in project work using the Solu 365 automation tool. With the help of the tool, the project creation process can be significantly simplified, accelerated, and made more efficient. Creating a new PfW project and a project group in Teams can be done with a few clicks using an easy-to-use form.

When all the necessary information and tools can be found centrally in Teams, time is saved, and project work is smoother.

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Mikko Sorsa
Senior Consultant, Partner

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