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Microsoft Project for the Web: Project List and Project Form


Article updated 23.1.2023

Microsoft Project for the Web and its project list and project form functionalities bring clarity to information management in project operations.

Microsoft Project for the Web (PfW) is a very practical tool for project management that is easy to learn quickly. PfW’s functionalities offer versatile opportunities for more comprehensive project management in the different roles of project members.

PfW’s clear functionalities, such as task scheduling, interdependencies between tasks and different visual views, make processing information easy and fast. The “native” green-themed interface of Project for the Web clearly tells you about the timing and progress of an individual project. It can also be used embedded in Teams, using Project Apps.

Image: Microsoft Project for the Web helps you track the progress of your project and respond to related challenges and issues with comprehensive visualization capabilities. 

Project Power Apps brings clarity to project management

To see a list of Project for the Web projects, you can open the Power Apps page in your browser. Among our customers, this purple-themed Power Apps interface has proven popular because it gathers all the necessary information to display. In this case, one place is enough for all project work.

You can display the desired columns in the project list, such as the project manager, responsible persons, schedule, and project status. Other required columns are easily configurable to use.

For example, a project list allows the project owner to see the status of their own projects. Project status information, such as traffic lights, can be quickly edited directly in the list.

Microsoft Project for the Web’s interface on the Microsoft Power Apps side provides a neat and clear project list view.
You can find Power Apps in the O365 application menu. When you open the Power App page, select the Project environment. At a later time, it will display its own purple icon in the O365 app menu.

Power Apps project forms supplement the flow of information

When you click on a specific project in the project list, you will see more detailed information on the project form. The forms are fully customizable to suit the company’s project policies. The form also provides familiar Project for the Web views from its own tabs. The project form typically has project summary and status information that can be conveniently updated by the project manager. The clearer the format of the key information, the lower the threshold for using project forms. In this case, the project environment provides concrete benefits.

Image: The purple side of Project for the Web provides a clearer overview of the background information for individual projects in most client organizations.

Project information management easily and clearly

Project data is stored in Microsoft’s cloud, Dataverse. Information can be retrieved for teams from Power BI reports, for example. If necessary, Power Automate workflows can be created to support efficient project management. In this case, for example, the creation of a project can be automated or the people in charge of the project can receive notifications, reminders or alerts.

A Project Plan 1 license is enough

The Project for the Web and Power Apps project list and form features described above are available with a low-cost Project Plan 1 license. We will be happy to tell you more about licensing.

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Mikko Sorsa
Senior Consultant, Partner

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