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Microsoft Project for the Web: Project List and Project Form


Microsoft Project for the Web and its project list and project form functionalities bring clarity to information management in project operations.

Microsoft Project for the Web (PfW) is a very practical tool for project management that is easy to learn quickly. PfW’s functionalities offer versatile opportunities for more comprehensive project management in the different roles of project members.

PfW’s functionalities, such as task scheduling, interdependencies between tasks, and different visual views, make processing of information easy and fast. They help to outline the overall picture of the project situation.

Image: Microsoft Project for the Web helps you track the progress of your project and respond to related challenges and issues with comprehensive visualization capabilities. 

Despite the visual views, Project for the Web’s “native” interface, a green-themed cloud service, does not provide enough useful information about the status of project portfolio. Rarely it is enough for a project to have a name and a person responsible for the project, but rather to know how the project is progressing within a schedule and plan.

Microsoft Project for the Web and its many interfaces

PfW and the data it processes in Dataverse can be accessed through multiple applications. The same information can therefore be viewed from different interfaces through Microsoft Teams, the Project for the Web view, and the Project Power Apps view. With the help of Dataverse, the information can also be utilized in Power BI reports, which also makes project reporting easier and faster.

A purple-themed interface for PfW with Power Apps has proven to be a more popular option among our customers due to the clarity of the project list view. A clear difference when comparing PfW’s user interface to Project Power Apps is the lack of viewing project-specific background information from PfW’s visual views.

Dataverse data warehousing ensures that a project created on the Project side appears in the project list for the Power Apps Project interface, which is part of the Project for the Web service solution.

You can find PfW and Project Power Apps by clicking the O365 menu in the upper left corner. Click All Applications. Use the search term “project”. The PfW icon is a white P on a green background. When you click the Power Apps icon, you can choose the Project environment. After that you will find the purple background for Project Power Apps icon in the O365 menu.

Image: Project Power Apps can be found in the Office 365 application list.

Project Power Apps brings clarity for project management

The handy list of project portfolio in the Power Apps user interface can be used to find out what projects are running and what their situation is. The desired columns can be displayed in the project list, such as project manager, responsible persons, project schedule and project status.

With the help of the project list, for example, the project owner can easily see the situation of their own projects. Projects can be edited directly in the list, so that, among other things, project status information and traffic lights can be conveniently updated.

Image: Microsoft Project for the Web’s interface on the Microsoft Power Apps side provides a neat and clear project list view.

Power Apps project forms supplement the flow of information

By clicking on a project in the project list, you can see its detailed information on the project forms. They are fully customizable to fit the company’s project practices. The tasks and schedule of the project can be managed with their own tabs.

Usually, the tabs of the ancillary information have a summary with the information, and the status of the project as shown by traffic lights, for example. The simpler the key information, the lower the threshold for everyone to use the project forms with the information.

The grid, table, or timeline view of the Project for the Web task page can also be found embedded directly in the background information, which is usually enough for project team members to display a list of their own projects with background information.

Image: The purple side of Project for the Web provides a clearer overview of the background information for individual projects in most client organizations.

Project information management easily and clearly

Project Power Apps provides a low-threshold tool for project team members regardless of role and task. The Power Apps Project interface for Microsoft Project for the Web is easy to customize to look the simplest with little effort if you need to hide extra buttons and want a clearer view.

Power Automate workflows can also be created to support efficient project management, such as synchronizing data as a bulk activity or activating notifications, reminders, or alerts.

To use the functionality of the Microsoft Project for the Web project list and form, you need a Project Plan 1 license.

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