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Peace of mind with Project for the web maintenance services


Outsourced Microsoft Project for the web maintenance services allows you to focus on what’s essential while entirely using the investment made in the tool.

Microsoft’s Project for the web has found its place well in the market of project tools. The product’s ease of use, scalability, and, above all, ease of implementation are the reasons behind this.

A significant reason for its popularity is also that Project for the web is easy to integrate, and it can be used together with almost all services in the Microsoft 365 environment. In addition to the typical reporting implemented with Power BI, Project for the web is often connected as part of the automatic creation of work groups, such as with the Solu 365 solution. These aspects enable extensive and versatile deployments.

Despite its scope, implementing the tool is always an investment that should be taken care of. Despite good intentions, the organization’s resources are only sometimes enough to maintain the implemented solution, but at worst, it starts to deteriorate over time, and with that, the solution slowly falls out of use.

On the other hand, organizations are often “blind,” so rigid and impractical working methods have been born with solutions that have been used for a long time and are challenging to eliminate. In such situations, it makes sense to spar with a partner who knows how to do things; an outside party often brings new perspectives and ideas to things that have not been considered. For these reasons, it is practical and reasonable to outsource the maintenance in whole or in part to a partner.

The following things can be included in the maintenance service as needed:

  • Checking the timeliness of software updates and integrations.
  • Verification of backup success and recovery plan.
  • Security check to ensure that all users have the appropriate access rights.
  • Maintaining data integrity by archiving redundant or outdated data such as old projects, tasks, and reports.
  • Checking the timeliness of the reports, which ensures that the reports are up-to-date and correctly reflect the status of the projects.
  • If necessary, for example, as part of continuous minor development, both the solution’s forms, functionalities, and reports are updated to correspond to the current business needs.
  • In agreement with the customer, feedback is collected from users on the usability of the solution and development needs.
  • Regular information about the product’s new features and functionalities and the further development opportunities they bring.
    • Based on the previous one, future development issues are planned together, and the roadmap of further development is updated.
  • User training materials and instructions are updated, if necessary, especially after new features or updates.
  • Orientation of new employees is handled.

Maintenance services, partially or entirely outsourced, give peace of mind at all levels of the organization. The certainty that the investment will produce the benefit it was acquired allows for focusing on what is essential and not wasting time worrying unnecessarily.

Solu Digital has long and solid experience with project management tools in different types of organizations, both in implementations, consulting, and training. By outsourcing our maintenance services, your organization can sleep peacefully at night.

Arno Hakkarainen
Senior consultant

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