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Solu Digital develops the intranet into a learning platform with the Academy of Brain’s micro-courses


Solu Digital offers intranet-based learning solutions in cooperation with the Academy of Brain

As a leading developer of digital teamwork, we have started a collaboration with the Academy of Brain to bring internal learning solutions to our customers’ organizations. This collaboration is a step towards the innovative utilization of intranets, making the learning content of psychological working life skills easily accessible.

Academy of Brain’s research-based micro-learning videos, which are around five minutes long, are now available as part of Solu Digital’s SharePoint intranet solutions and Microsoft Viva Learning training offerings. These videos make learning easy and fast.

The cooperation brings significant expertise to Solu Digital’s offer in developing the competence of the personnel of organizations by combining psychological work life skills with advanced digital solutions to make work life more efficient and reduce the stress.

Psychological work-life skills refer to abilities and skills that help an individual succeed. For example, the Academy of Brain offers micro-learning videos on modern leadership, productivity and well-being, interaction, collaboration, and growth mindset.

These skills can help individuals navigate challenging situations, work effectively in teams, and develop a growth mindset that allows them to continually evolve and adapt to workplace changes.

For the Academy of Brain, cooperation is a significant part of its mission to work for a more humane working life. With the expansion of the Academy of Brain’s micro-trainings to Microsoft’s SharePoint intranets, the potential field of operation will multiply both in Finland and internationally.

Internal learning solutions enable Solu Digital and Academy of Brain’s customers seamless access to learning, lower learning thresholds, higher Intranet usage rates, and better communication efficiency.

Solu Digital is committed to developing digital solutions for various organizational needs, ensuring smooth and secure work regardless of time and place. With the Academy of Brain, we create an even more humane and efficient working life.

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