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Microsoft Viva Sales

Microsoft Viva Sales to boost sales performance

Microsoft Viva Sales is an extension application of the Microsoft Viva product family that supports the work of sales.

Viva Sales streamlines salespeople’s work with automatic data storage and processing for any customer relationship management system using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. The application eliminates the need for manual data entry and gives more time to focus on sales.

Boost customer management with Microsoft Viva Sales:

  • Improve your productivity as the application stores and processes data for you automatically.
  • Focus on building and managing customer relationships, leaving the manual work of information management out of everyday work.
  • Improve your efficiency by leveraging the relevant information delivered to each interaction.
  • Deepen your customer understanding with call summaries and call action items produced by conversational intelligence in Teams meetings.
  • Promote sales with AI-based follow-up suggestions and reminders designed to close the deal.
  • Facilitate the sharing of customer information and actions within the organization.

Viva Sales automatically records actions taken, such as e-mails sent and Teams meetings held, in the customer information.

A direct connection from Outlook to the CRM system helps to add the email sender as a customer with one click. With the help of the LinkedIn plug-in, you can browse a person’s information from their profile conveniently.

When preparing for the meeting, the salesperson can view the customer’s or prospect’s information beforehand in connection with the Outlook calendar invitation.

Viva Sales shows other employees in your organization who have been in contact with the person, so you can take advantage of all the available information by opening a Teams conversation with a colleague from Outlook.

By using @mention, the customer’s information opens in the Teams conversation as a card view for viewing and editing if necessary.

The salesperson sees the same customer information directly in a Teams meeting with the customer. As the conversation progresses, Viva Sales suggests actions in real-time during the call, and taking notes is not necessary.

The application automatically creates a summary of the meeting as well as action tasks for the things mentioned during the call. Conversational intelligence analyzes the emotional levels of the call so that the salesperson understands the interactions with the customer more deeply.

Managing the information and actions of the salesperson’s customers becomes easier in the summary view in Excel, where the information is updated automatically.

Viva Sales is coming in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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