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Contract management

Reduce risks and streamline contract management with our easy-to-use solution in the familiar SharePoint operating environment.

Contract management is a key part of an organization’s operations that, at best, streamlines business operations while minimizing unnecessary risks.

We implement an easy and simple solution that allows an organization to leverage fragmented and siloed contract information in contract management throughout the organization, contract lifecycle management, and other business processes.

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Contract management solutions cost-effectively 

Microsoft SharePoint’s familiar operating environment consolidates contracts into one centralized location, giving you a view of the overall contract situation at the organizational level to help your business minimize risk management, financial planning, and supplier relationship management, among other things.

Microsoft SharePoint provides versatile tools for processing, storing, and tracking contract information anywhere, anytime, and from any device:

  • co-editing and commenting on documents to enhance teamwork
  • contract approval processes in accordance with contract processes
  • electronic signatures using, for example, a product that supports a third-party electronic signature
  • reminders of deadlines and tasks related to renewal or termination of contracts
  • reporting and various filtering views for reviewing and analyzing contract information

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Streamline contract work with Microsoft 365 solutions

SharePoint’s comprehensive functionalities provide an easy and effortless document management solution for systematic contract management. Planner’s task management features support contract monitoring and make it easier to perform follow-up actions, such as renewing or terminating contracts.

Other Microsoft components, such as automated workflows enabled by Power Automate, streamline contract tracking management. Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, provides easy-to-use tools to streamline collaboration between different departments or teams, for example.

Improve the findability and availability of contract information and documents

Diverse use of contract metadata in accordance with harmonized practices is recommended. The widest possible application of metadata is achieved automatically with the tools and methods we have developed. Our solution helps to manage the entire lifecycle of contract information in a user-friendly way.

With our SharePoint-based solution, your organization’s:

  • contract information is available and utilized centrally and transparently throughout the organization
  • contract version management becomes easier and clearer
  • contract process is improved in terms of transparency, manageability and security.

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