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Integrate Assently contract management with Microsoft 365 using Power Automate


Solu Digital together with Assently offers an integrated solution for contract management in Microsoft 365 using Power Automate workflows.

Taking contract management to a new level

Contract management is a critical part of any business. But contracts are often scattered in different places, or at worst, siloed and managed by different people. This makes it difficult to manage information and leads to security risks and potential financial losses.

Managing contracts electronically in a single service is the most effective way to solve contract management problems. By combining Assently and Solu Digital’s Power Automate workflows, a solution was created that simplifies contract management, streamlines workflows and increases data security.

How Power Automate and Assently streamline your workflows

By combining Power Automate with Assently’s electronic signature and authentication solution, contract management can be taken to a new level. The combination provides a comprehensive set of tools for processing, storing and tracking contract data.

Marko Koskela, Chief Commercial Officer at Solu Digital, sheds light on the opportunities. “Power Automate and Assently enable an automated contract management process where all the work is done in one interface, SharePoint or Teams. The integration of Assently and Power Automate is unique, no similar system has been integrated as deeply with SharePoint.”

The integration significantly simplifies and streamlines their contract management processes. Contract documents are prepared, sent and filed electronically, and the necessary signatures are collected using Assently. Contracts are signed electronically, for example by means of bank IDs. Once signed, the contract is automatically returned to the contract archive in SharePoint.

Assently and Power Automate – the keys to more efficient and secure contract management

The combination of Assently and Power Automate offers huge opportunities for current and future Microsoft 365 users. This dynamic partnership allows us to streamline contract management in an unprecedented way.

As digitization continues to evolve, contract management must keep pace. With Assently and Power Automate, your organisation can take a strong leap towards more efficient and secure contract management.

Want to learn more about more efficient contract management integrated with the Microsoft 365 platform? Book a meeting with one of our experts.

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