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Keskisuomalainen invests in Microsoft 365 solutions with agile development


Keskisuomalainen Oyj improves employees’ location independent working with agile development using Microsoft 365 solutions

In the domestic Keskisuomalainen Oyj media group, 5,000 professionals from different fields work in 70 offices around Finland in print and digital magazines, digital outdoor advertising, and radio channels, as well as marketing communication, research, printing, and distribution services.

The information management ecosystem has been built to support personnel working in a fragmented manner in Keskisuomalainen, which invests in digital services.

“We made a strategic decision a few years ago to centralize IT services into a Microsoft 365 environment, for which Solu was selected as the most suitable partner for us, and it seems that it has been a good choice, as the projects have shown us,” said the group’s IT director Lasse Palminen.

The Microsoft 365 environment serves the needs of Keskisuomalainen well, because it develops all the time, a lot of effort is put into it, and it’s easy to find M365 developers to develop cost-effective solution.

The cooperation between Keskisuomalainen and Solu Digital has expanded over the years as needs for new IT solutions have been identified.

Read the full article about the cooperation between Keskisuomalainen and Solu Digital here

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