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Using Microsoft Teams effectively: 5 tips about tabs


The channel tabs in Microsoft Teams offer many opportunities to connect different data sources and make work more efficient. Read tips for integrating data sources.

Microsoft Teams functions as a hub for information work, where you can connect different information sources. The tabs of different channels can be used to integrate data from, for example, individual documents, SharePoint, Planner, Power BI, and Power Apps.

By connecting different data sources to Microsoft Teams tabs, users can collaborate in real time with colleagues and other stakeholders, share information, and make decisions faster.

Read our tips on how easy it is to integrate data using Microsoft Teams tabs.

Tip 1: Add documents

If your team uses documents that are often worked on, adding them to the channel tab is worthwhile.

By clicking the + icon on the channel tab, you can choose from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This opens a window where you can select a file either from your own computer or from shared libraries, i.e., SharePoint sites of different teams and channels.

Tip 2: Add a SharePoint page or site

A channel tab can link to a SharePoint site. This tab allows users to access and view documents and other information stored in SharePoint.

To add a SharePoint site to a tab, click the + icon on the channel tab and select Site to add a SharePoint site.

This will open a window where users can enter the SharePoint site address. You can choose whether a notification about the added tab is sent to the channel.

Once the address or source is entered, the tab will be added to the channel.

You can also add a separate SharePoint page to the tab by selecting SharePoint Pages.

In this case, you can select a page from the options that open in a new window either from the SharePoint site of the relevant Teams group or from any SharePoint site in the organization.

Tip 3: Add Planner

Microsoft Planner facilitates task and project management, as tasks can be created and distributed to team members, and work progress can be monitored directly from Teams.

Add Planner to the tab by clicking the + icon on the channel tab and select Tasks – Planner and To-Do.

This will open a window where you can select a plan from the list of available plans, if any already exists in that team. Alternatively, you can create a new plan.

Once the plan is selected, the tab will be added to the channel.

Tip 4: Add Power BI

Reports and visualizations created with Microsoft Power BI can be added to channel tabs for quick and easy data review.

Add a Power BI tab by clicking the + icon on the channel tab and select Power BI. If the application does not appear in the list, click Show all or by typing Power BI in the search field.

Click Save when new window opens and Teams adds power BI tab to the channel.

Select the desired workspace or application from the options that open in a new window. You can also add resources shared with you.

Tip 5: Add a Power Apps application

Applications created with Microsoft Power Apps can also be added to the tab.

Add a Power Apps tab by clicking the + icon on the channel tab and select Power Apps.

This will open a window where you can select an app from the list of available apps.

Once the application is selected, the tab is added to the channel.

Make working more efficient by combining different data sources

Connecting different data sources to Teams tabs improves workflow and provides users with quick and easy access to the necessary information in one place. In addition, utilizing data sources helps to gain better visibility into the team’s work and processes, allowing team members to make more informed decisions.

Read more of our tips for making Teams use more efficient:

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