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Janne Häkkinen appointed as a Business Intelligence consultant for Solu Digital


Janne Häkkinen has been appointed as a Business Intelligence consultant for Solu Digital from October 2, 2023. His task includes the development of customers’ data and analytics solutions and integrations in the public and private sectors.

Janne was selected from among more than 60 applicants to strengthen the expert team serving Solu’s expanding customer base.

“Janne already had good work experience in the technologies that are essential for us, such as Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Azure, and SQL, as well as a lot of supporting studies through his master’s degree,” said Jere Palanne, Solu Digital’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Janne also showed in the interviews a great willingness to constantly learn more, a quick ability to absorb things, the ability to work directly in the end-customer interface and understand the needs of customers. These were also things for us that made Janne become the favorite of our interviewer panel.”

Previously, Janne worked on supply chains at Stora Enso since 2020 in addition to his master’s degree studies focusing on data analytics.

The acquisition, analysis, and management of business information to support decision-making are increasingly important in organizations, regardless of the industry and the size of the organization.

The importance of data management is emphasized more and more as solutions based on artificial intelligence become more common, in which case good data management also facilitates the deployment of artificial intelligence.

Solu Digital’s Business Intelligence solutions include forecasts, budgeting scorecards, KPI metrics, analyses, and BI reporting, among other things.

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