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Most powerful knowledge management solutions

Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.


Speed up the quoting and contracting process with automation

Automating the quoting and contracting process with the Microsoft Power Platform helps reduce manual work and risks, and saves time.


Document automation saves time and reduces risks

Document automation helps save time and reduce risks when employees can focus on the most essential things in their work and the organization becomes more efficient.


Microsoft Power BI tool simplifies the work of a controller

Microsoft Power BI’s Business Intelligence solutions make the controller’s everyday life easier and free up time for decision-making and management support.


Power Platform at the heart of digitalization and remote work

Microsoft Power Platform provides good prerequisites for supporting the digitalization of an organization with relatively light work done cost-effectively.


Easy booking of workspaces with Outlook

Meeting room reservation functionality for Microsoft Outlook calendar bookings has long served the needs of small and large organizations in terms of supporting meeting practices. Now Microsoft has taken that convenient feature one level further by launching a workspace reservation in addition to meeting reservation functionalities.


A well-built data warehouse is half-done knowledge management

Data warehousing increases work productivity and an organization’s ability to respond to change through lightweight or deep-drilled analytics. Therefore, it is worth to be planned and built properly so that the information is available and accessible at the right time.


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