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Customer management

Achieve the best possible customer experience, and make customer relationship management easier with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

In today’s digital work environment, the best possible customer experience is a crucial goal for organizations. We will provide your organization with a solution for flexible, easy, yet simultaneously high-quality customer management.

The customer relationship management system increases the organization’s transparency towards customers and customer groups. When customers get to know your organization better, it strengthens the customer relationship.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, D365, or Dynamics CRM offer tools to support sales and marketing. The management of the organization can also follow and analyze the development of customership.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer relationship management

Microsoft Dynamics 365, D365, or Dynamics CRM, provides organizations with tools for customer relationship management for all sizes of sales and marketing needs. It combines a customer relationship management (CRM) system and an ERP system into one application to streamline sales, marketing, and customer service operations.

Available as a cloud service, the D365 scales and adapts to the changing business environment and its challenges and needs. Microsoft Azure solutions provide Dynamics 365 customer relationship management system infrastructure for comprehensive sales and marketing activities.

With Dynamics 365, customer data can be managed centrally from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. The tool provides an insight into your organization’s own processes and how they work while providing data-based insights to guide you in developing your operations.

Keep track of leads and sales pipeline opportunities

D365 helps sales and marketing teams track the progress of each lead according to the stages of the sales process. An immediate view of the leads ’current facilities and, for example, who has worked on a particular sales opportunity will help the teams stay organized.

Track sales progress with real-time performance data

A real-time view of the sales pipeline provides an immediate and accurate view of sales when sales data is linked to Dynamics 365.

Get relevant information and grow your business

The D365 helps you focus on the essentials by identifying key priorities as well as leads moving ahead to the next step or customers requiring follow-up. Clear instructions and guidance clarify team operations and enhances task performance.

Increase team efficiency and automate tasks and workflows

Task automation with Dynamics 365 CRM helps streamline marketing, sales, and customer service. Employees can focus on the most important activities for their jobs by automating, for example:

  • generating sales offers
  • collecting customer feedback
  • implementation of e-mail campaigns

Understand customer behavior and improve interaction

The features of the CRM system support the monitoring of the customer relationship interaction at different points of contact with the customer. Relevant behavioral data throughout the customer transition will help identify optimization opportunities as well as success factors.

Support customers and provide high quality customer service

By combining different communication platforms, such as instant messaging, phone calls, email, or social services, with Dynamics 365, you can interact with customers regardless of channel. Build trust and customer loyalty by providing first-class customer service that makes customers come back.

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Customer management solutions based on the needs of your organization and customers

The system integrates well with other Office 365 products. With small adjustments, we can build a more functional solution to meet all the needs of your organization.

Solu Digital will be involved in the deployment of the system, from specifications and modifications to end-user training. Additionally, we offer integration and other added-value services, through which customer management will be connected to the organization’s knowledge management.

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