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Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.

Construction company Lapti Oy and Solu Digital

Managing the clientele and customer projects – Dynamics CRM Online, Project Online, and SharePoint Online as the tools

The construction company Lapti is a rapidly growing and solvent builder with nationwide business activity. Lapti’s area of expertise is the construction of residential as well as various kinds of care and healthcare buildings. Strong growth requires good data management and smooth everyday working conditions, in order to ensure high quality. Data management processes and tools require development.

The development work began from the care-unit clientele and projects.

”We had to search for information on customers and customer projects from a number of locations, and confirm the validity of the information by phone. The documents were in various places and some of the information was entirely unstored. In the competitive bidding stage, a technological solution consisting of Office 365 and its Dynamics CRM Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, and Power BI tools took shape.”

Jorma Koskelo
Account Manager, Construction company Lapti Oy

Tools based on needs

In their everyday work, employees working at the customer interface need diverse information on the customer, and customer-management system is a natural interface for this. Customer activity, customer information, and management of customer processes are at the core of CRM. Additionally, as part of the implementation, integration with SharePoint Online was created for document management.

Project Online, in turn, is a tool for planners and executors of implementation projects. Planning and managing resources are key factors at the core of success in growing business activity. Users of the Project interface also utilize the services provided by SharePoint, and closer integration into SharePoint Online was part of the solution, both with documents and project portfolio views.

Lapti uses SharePoint Online as their intranet platform. Now, customer and project workspaces were added to the familiar interface, whereby all documents can be easily accessed. With the portfolio views, it is easy to get a general idea of the situation at a glance and study customer and project information in more depth as needed.

Tools into use quickly with stage-by-stage development

“At the beginning of the project, we formulated a development road map and a stage-by-stage implementation plan, together with Solu Digital. In this way, we got the tools working quickly, and a possibility to develop the services as user experience increased. In the next stages, we will increase integration and automation between the services.”

Mika Virsunen
Chief Information Officer, Construction company Lapti Oy


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