Most powerful knowledge management solutions

Solu Digital provides knowledge management and analysis models for today’s complex businesses.


Digital tools and unified practices support the digital leap required for remote and hybrid work

The importance of working digital processes and the tools and practices that support those processes becomes crucial in remote and hybrid working.


A digital leap of sales supported by Microsoft Power Apps

Applications developed with Microsoft Power Apps, a part of wide variety of Office 365 software and cloud services, combine data from a variety of source systems. They can also be used to digitize manual processes as well as workflows handling large amounts of data. This saves time as work becomes more efficient and the quality of work improves, while human errors are reduced.


Agile and cost-effective application development with Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform provides tools to help develop task- and role-specific business applications quickly and easily to meet an organization’s needs. Custom enterprise applications combine data from multiple source systems and automate repetitive and inconvenient manual processes as well as workflows handling large amounts of data.


Manage projects with the right practices and applications

Project management is a key part of an organization’s operations. When project management is organized in terms of methods and tools as well as culture, work is enhanced at all levels of the business, from top management to an individual team member.


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